Weekly Store Update: 24 March

weekly store update 230324

Spring is here! Depending on where you live, you’re either starting to venture out or are still huddling up with your family and games. Or, if you’re here, you’re doing both – just depending on the day of the week. More predictable than the weather though is our weekly newsletter with stories, goodies and more.…

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Weekly Store Update: 17 March

weekly store update 230317

We slid right back in the saddle for an amazing sale! Hey – we don’t do anything halfway around here, and I’m sure you saw some prices that shocked you. Heck…they even shocked me. Make sure you check out this edition of our newsletter to find out about that, the latest Kickstarter releases and other…

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Weekly Store Update: 10 March

weekly store update 230310

As we’ve been out all week, this is a super-short newsletter solely focused on our upcoming sale! That’s right, our Spring into Fun Sale kicks off at 0900 Central Time, Monday 13 March! We’ll have items up to 60% + off across the entire store and we look forward to seeing you there!  Hard to…

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Weekly Store Update: 3 March

weekly store update 230303

A quick public service announcement that… we’re not here! That’s right, we’ll be out for about a week and expect things to start ramping up again next week – right in time for our big sale! Yes, everything’s closed around here this week – but there are some updates and new items you may want…

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Weekly Store Update: 24 February

weekly store update 230224

Nothing too crazy this week, just wonderful ‘business as usual’ around here slinging games and books. There are a few new items to check out along with some restock and preorders too. You might want to get your orders in now though as we’ll be out next week. Click in to check those stories and…

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Weekly Store Update: 17 February

weekly store update 230217

We hope everyone had a chance to spend some time with their significant other for Valentine’s Day last week, gaming or otherwise. Talking about things we love; it’s been busy around here! We received some long-awaited Kickstarter games and have exciting news for our local shoppers too. Plus, plenty of restock and new items. Check…

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Weekly Store Update: 10 February

weekly store update 230210

Had several good discussions last week on the broad concept of strategy games vs. thematic games. They both have their pros and cons. Do you have a favorite type? Generally, I enjoy thematic when I’m tired and strategy when feeling sharp. Anyway, around the shop we announce our current sale, it’s the release of the…

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Weekly Store Update: 3 February

weekly store update 230203

By now you know if we’re destined for more time indoors with board games or the inevitable start to Spring yardwork. You know which way we like it to go from year to year! For the store update we have some great info to share this week, and a sprinkling of new games and restock…

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Weekly Store Update: 27 January

weekly store update template 230105

It’s a wonderful time to be a board gamer, it feels very much like the Golden Years to us. With so many amazing games to choose from, the hard part is finding the time to play them all! We have some tidbits to share this week, but make sure you check out our New Year…

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Weekly Store Update: 22 January

weekly store update 220122

Oh, how quickly things can change! For some strange reason that I cannot fathom, we have been doing well above average with all of our roleplaying titles lately. Well… almost all… I’ll tell you; we’ve been having a fantastic time discussing ‘obscure’ titles like Pathfinder and Savage Worlds to new customers. We anticipate things will…

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