Weekly Store Update: 17 October

weekly store update 211017

Do you ever just stand amongst your games and breathe all that wonderfulness in? Mindfulness is awesome, but I think ‘game breathing exercises’ are even better! Another week in the rearview, and what a week it was. New games and restocks in, and a spattering of preorders too – many of them releasing in the…

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Weekly Store Update: 10 October

deadlands blood drive set wide.JPG

We’re loving this cooler weather, and the shorter days are pulling folks inside more…where all the games are! A little yellow creature delayed things quite a bit last week, but we did still add new items, and some restock too. Check out what’s going on with us, and find out about our Scary Board Game…

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Weekly Store Update: 3 October

stone valley games update 211003.JPG

There’s the gentle clatter of game pieces and unmistakable sound of shuffling cards around here…like music to our ears! Another wonderful week in the books, with a slew of new games and so many restocks! We’ve also just launched our latest Board Game Giveaway, and it’s a doozy! There’s other news to share too! INTRO…

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Weekly Store Update: 26 September

stone valley games update 210926

Just like that, it’s Fall. Not skipping a beat, the morning temps dropped like 20 degrees here overnight. It won’t hold long, but what a difference! While the weather might be unpredictably cold, the board games are running hot! We’ve loaded up a slew of new releases on the shelves and filled in several restocks…

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Weekly Store Update: 19 September

stone valley games update 210919

Gen Con Indy is wrapping up, and while we did not attend it is nice to hear about so many amazing games on the horizon! We’re still a long way from a ‘normal’ event, but it’s good to see things moving again. No time to lollygag though, there are games to move right here! We’ve…

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Weekly Store Update: 12 September

stone valley games update 210912

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed, and we pause to reflect on what happened that fateful day. In many ways it’s a completely different world we live in today! However, there are responsibilities, so we pause but then drive on. Time waits on no one! We were so busy last week, with great…

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Weekly Store Update: 5 September

stone valley games update 210905

It’s the last long weekend of the summer, and that means more time for family and friends…and games! It was a flurry of restocks, new items, and even a few preorders last week (we set them up Jay!) We also have more information on the store expansion, and we’ve kicked off the September board game…

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Weekly Store Update: 29 August

stone valley update 210828

The year continues to move along quite rapidly, is it moving fast for you? Hard to believe it’s the end of August already! Even though fast paced, we’ve had a great week here at SVG! We’ve added some great new games, as well as restocks and preorders. We also have some news to share, like…

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Weekly Store Update: 22 August

stone valley games update 210829

The summer continues to bring light and life, and these games sure do help with a little escapism from the day-to-day lately! We’ve added some new items, restocks, and loaded several highly anticipated preorders. The future is bright! More good things are afoot for the shop as well, so stop in and check out our…

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Weekly Store Update: 15 August

stone valley games update 210815

This might have been the largest single weekly influx of games we’ve ever had! Yes, there’s a shake-up here at Stone Valley Games and we can’t wait to tell you about it! Not only games new to us, but we’ve also added restocks, a few preorders, and we’ve drawn the winner of our latest giveaway!…

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