Weekly Store Update: 16 January

weekly store update 220116

Our distributors are starting to warm up after the holidays, and we’re seeing things starting to break out of the log jam they were in. We’re loving the action! You need to check out all the restocks and new items we laid in the shop last week. While you’re doing that, you can see who…

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Weekly Store Update: 9 January

weekly store update 220109.JPG

Well, there goes another wonderful week at the shop, and I’m glad to report things are starting off well this year! Have you heard about our current board game giveaway? Plus, we’ve added fun new games and loaded up some highly anticipated restocks. We have a few tidbits to share too, so check it out!…

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Weekly Store Update: 2 January

weekly store update 220102

2021 was a banner year for us, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful 2022 and beyond! We have you to thank for quite a bit of that success. Are you ready to get this year rolling? How about a giveaway right out of the gate?! We have that, and a few other tidbits to…

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Weekly Store Update: 26 December

store update 122621.JPG

What a wonderful Christmas we had! A bit of break from gaming business for some family time, what could be better?! You know though, business is going well too – and the games keep on flowing! We’ve got some news to share too, to include our imminent end of year sale! Come on in and…

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Weekly Store Update: 19 December

weekly update 211219

We’re in the final stretch now! No matter which winter holiday you enjoy, from Yule to Christmas, Kwanzaa to Hanukkah and everything in between, the time for family and giving is upon us! Another busy week here, with numerous restocks, new games, and preorders laid in the store, and we’ve drawn the winner of our…

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Weekly Store Update: 12 December

shop update 211212.JPG

Mid-month already?! If you want your gifts to arrive on time, it’s a good idea to finalize those orders now! I’ll tell you, while we may not be getting any snow, there’s been a wonderful “flurry” here…of activity! Not just the amazing new games and popular restocks loaded on the shelves, or even our current…

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Weekly Store Update: 5 December

weekly store update 211205

And just like that, the holiday season is upon us! I can tell you we are full of holiday cheer! The decorations are up, and the gifts are going out. Such a wonderful time! This week we’ll talk about our monthly game giveaway, show you new items to check out, and more! Why not stop…

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Weekly Store Update: 28 November

weekly store update 211128

The weather might be cooler, but things are pretty hot around here as our Black Friday sales event winds down. Cyber Monday is next! Not much time to talk this week, but plenty of new items and restocks to check out!  INTRO How’s it going? Finding a lot of great deals out there? We’re doing…

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Thank You So Much! And…Black Friday!

2021 black friday sale wide

We’re popping into your Thanksgiving to let you know we appreciate you! Our Thanksgiving tradition is to remind each other what we’re thankful for. Well, one of the things we’re thankful for is you! Thank You so much for supporting our small business, and I can honestly say without you…we wouldn’t be here. We love…

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Weekly Store Update: 21 November

stone valley games update 21112

An incredible flood of games arrived! Was it the influence of the Lunar Eclipse?! From RPGs, board games, collectible card games…something for everyone! Plenty of restock too! This week we discuss our Black Friday plans and talk shop. Come on in and check it out!  INTRO Did you get a chance to check out that…

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