Weekly Store Update: 15 January

weekly store update 230114

The weather here is going from ‘cute and springlike’ to ‘devastating and destructive’ with very little notice lately… we need to add a few more small games to the storm shelter… Anyway, it’s been exciting lately in the world of RPGs with the whole OGL issue. We have a few thoughts on that. Lots of…

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Weekly Store Update: 8 January

weekly store update 230105

We’re humming along nicely so far in 2023. 2022 is in the rear view, and in this week’s newsletter we compare it to 2021 to see how we’re doing. The numbers look good! We also have some new art to show off and our first ever FLASH SALE! Hey, we can learn new things too…

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Weekly Store Update: 1 January

weekly store update 230101

Happy New Year! Wow…what a ride that was! At least we ended the year with a bang and with a new year comes new…things. Like you, we’re looking forward to what 2023 might offer. In that spirit, we have several operational changes to share with you this week. Plus, the usual restock lists and such.…

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Weekly Store Update: 25 December

221225 weekly store update

From all of us here at Stone Valley Games, we wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope you’re enjoying the warmth of family and friends this frigid weekend. We do have some exciting news to help get things steamed up though, including the winner of the Oniverse Giveaway and… the details on our Year End…

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Weekly Store Update: 18 December

221218 weekly store update

It’s almost Christmas and we’re looking forward to family time and games! We also reveal the winner of one of our drawings, but there’s still another giveaway to go! There’s more to discuss too, so why not drop the marshmallows in your hot coco, if that’s your thing, and click on in? INTRO Welcome to…

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Weekly Store Update: 11 December

221211 weekly store update

Time is running out on our TWO giveaways going on right now! One is truly a grail game; you should really check it out. I can say that it’s been an odd Winter season for us in northern Alabama, but the rainy weather isn’t dampening our festive spirit! Bring on the holiday cheer! Why not…

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Weekly Store Update: 4 December

221204 weekly store update

We have TWO different giveaways going on right now, you should really check those out! Nothing like the month of giving, right?! This year continues to fly by but will not be gone before we distribute a few more smiles. Lots of restock and new items, and another update on Eric’s progress to discuss as…

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Weekly Store Update: 27 November

weekly store update 221127

It sometimes seems like we’re toiling endlessly trying to make it from day to day, but it’s holidays like Thanksgiving that remind us how blessed we actually are. Around the shop Eric has several weeks of healing to go but is getting better every day. We have launched the first Giveaway for December and have…

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Weekly Store Update: 20 November

weekly store update 221120

The cooler weather is pushing folks back inside… where all the games are! The storefront is still closed while Eric continues to heal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ghost town around here – as it’s been just as busy as ever. Check out our new arrivals, we share news on the upcoming game giveaway,…

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Weekly Store Update: 13 November

weekly store update template 221113

We have quite a few things to catch you up on – including our monthly giveaway and Black Friday plans. Things are definitely changing. There have also been quite a few new games and restocks added – some of them are hard to find, so make sure you check those out. After all is said…

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