Weekly Store Update: 18 August

weekly store update 230818

We have finally turned on our Magic the Gathering sales channel so local customers can pick up their cards from us just as easily as those we ship to. We don’t have all our singles in there yet, but we do have over 40,000 now…so a good start. Around the shop we also had a…

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Weekly Store Update: 11 August

weekly store update 230811

Another good week in the books, with plenty new items and restocks filling in those gaps on our shelves too. This week we take a look at some recent crowdfunded games, flash forward to 2024’s Magic the Gathering products, and discuss a troubling trend we’ve noticed this year. I can easily say though, at the…

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Weekly Store Update: 4 August

weekly store update 230803

Gen Con just kicked off, and while we aren’t participating this year it seems all of our distributors did. They won’t stop picking on us for not visiting 😀 Hopefully you were able to make it this year! It hasn’t been too crazy of a week overall, so only a few things to talk about.…

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Weekly Store Update: 28 July

weekly store update 230728

Our Summer Sale is behind us, and what a fantastic sale it was! We hope you enjoyed it! If you missed it, I’m fairly sure we’ll have another big one in the fall; not to mention a flash sale or two between now and then – and being plugged in to our newsletters will keep…

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Weekly Store Update: 21 July

weekly store update 230721

Our summer sale us upon us, and we’re about as ready as we can be. Kicking off on Sunday at 10 Central, we hope you have a chance to stop by the webstore and check it out! There’s more than the sale going on around here though. We have a few stories to share, we’d…

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Weekly Store Update: 14 July

weekly store update 230714

We’re back! It may take a while to get our sea legs back, but we are up and at ’em, ready once again for day-to-day operations to commence. Check out what’s arrived while we’ve been out, and we have a quick story or two that you might find interesting. Thank you for your well wishes…

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Weekly Store Update: 7 July

not much of an update 220707

Not much to update you on as we’re into Week 2 of our temporary closure. However, things are lining up for us to reopen next week. It looks like July 15 will be our ‘back to regularly scheduled hours’ day. That good news means our Summer Blowout Sale is definitely on for the end of…

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Weekly Store Update: 30 June

not much of an update 230630

Not much of an update as the store remains temporarily closed. We begin the healing process from a recent surgery. However, we don’t plan on being down that long as we should open back up in mid-July. Our annual Summer Sale is still penciled in for the end of July too. Fingers crossed! INTRO Welcome…

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Weekly Store Update: 23 June

weekly store update 230623

We have more details to share on our upcoming two-week store closure to be followed by our Summer Sale. It’s just amazing how fast time is hurtling by! We switch shipping stickers to align with the new season, and we have some new items and restocks to share. Stop on in and check it all…

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Weekly Store Update: 16 June

weekly store update 230616

What a happy week around here! Our shipment of Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats paints has arrived and is all ready to go, we weigh in on Paizo announced changes to the 2nd Edition rules, and we share a webstore improvement. Plus, plenty of new releases and restocked items to show you too – why…

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