Weekly Store Update: 27 November

weekly store update 221127

It sometimes seems like we’re toiling endlessly trying to make it from day to day, but it’s holidays like Thanksgiving that remind us how blessed we actually are. Around the shop Eric has several weeks of healing to go but is getting better every day. We have launched the first Giveaway for December and have…

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Weekly Store Update: 20 November

weekly store update 221120

The cooler weather is pushing folks back inside… where all the games are! The storefront is still closed while Eric continues to heal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ghost town around here – as it’s been just as busy as ever. Check out our new arrivals, we share news on the upcoming game giveaway,…

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Weekly Store Update: 13 November

weekly store update template 221113

We have quite a few things to catch you up on – including our monthly giveaway and Black Friday plans. Things are definitely changing. There have also been quite a few new games and restocks added – some of them are hard to find, so make sure you check those out. After all is said…

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Weekly Store Update: 6 November

weekly store update 221106

Unlike our standard newsletters, there isn’t any new game, giveaway, or regular shop news this time around. As Eric underwent hip replacement surgery, last week was completely focused on his healing. No worries though, we’ll most likely be picking up the usual newsletter goodness next week. So, nothing to see here – unless you’re interested…

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Weekly Store Update: 30 October

svg weekly update 221030

Happy Halloween! Fall is our favorite season and Halloween is the perfect cherry on top. Such a fun and fantastical time of year, helping us get fully stocked up on ghosts and goblins! There have been fun new items added to the shop last week, and a good amount of restock – plus lots of…

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Weekly Store Update: 23 October

weekly store update 221023

We’re back from vacation, and another temporary store closure is immediately ahead. No time to lollygag around though as we had a ton of new games and restock waiting for us – and we drew the winner of our Board Game Giveaway. Lots of things to discuss, why not check it all out? INTRO Welcome…

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Weekly Store Update: 9 October

weekly store update 221009

Make sure you check out our Board Game Giveaway! We’ve got a good one just in time for Halloween. On the news front we discuss our crazy upcoming schedule with business travel, holiday, and even a surgery timeline. Where did the lead-up time for all of that go?! As always, there’s other things going on…

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Weekly Store Update: 2 October

weekly store update 221002

We begin the transition from summer to winter and fall cleaning is part of that. We’ve given everything a good dusting, had the carpets cleaned and finished rearranging everything on the shelves. Looking good! Hey, we do more than clean up well – don’t miss the launching of our October game giveaway, and we have…

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Weekly Store Update: 25 September

svg weekly update 220925

Nostalgia ran deep as we loaded in lots of traditional games, like Monopoly, Operation, and the like. A little bit of ‘in with the old’ to mix with the more modern games we carry. That way even brand-new players can pop in and find something they are familiar with on the shelves. There is a…

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Weekly Store Update: 18 September

weekly update 220918

NOTE: We had an issue with our newsletter feed last week – so this is releasing very, very late. We should be back on track after this though! What a dizzying week here at SVG! We had an incredible amount of restock land, we set up a new retail partnership, tweaked the webstore, and drew…

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