Our Spring Update

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It’s been a few since I provided an update, but the juggle of everything is keeping me a bit busier than I anticipated. Wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on here, and discuss a few sales & new items that are available.  HOT OFF THE PRESS Just in is the Kickstarter…

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New Year…New Crowdfunding Arrivals!

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Still trying to figure out the new schedule after our recent realignment, but we’re here for it. Honestly, I thought things were going to slow down considerably, but we’ve gone from zero to nine new crowdfunding titles in the first two weeks of the year! That’ll teach me to anticipate a break in the tempo.…

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What’s Next?

store update 231229

The drawdown we announced a few months ago is now complete. It’s…surreal to say the least. However, while we are significantly diminished, we’re not gone yet! In this newsletter, we’ll let you know how the drawdown went, and what we have planned for the future.  THE DRAWDOWN As you may know, we first announced our…

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Stone Valley Games’ Closeout Sale

store update 231215

Our Closeout Sale runs from 9 AM Central Time Saturday 16 December to 11:59 PM Central Time Sunday 17 December. Everything in the webstore will be 60% off MSRP using our Discount Code in the cart! CLOSEOUT SALE DETAILS Everything in the webstore will be 60% off throughout the event! The sale will run from…

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Our Closeout Sale is…Close!

store update 231208

Make sure to mark your calendar for the 16th and 17th to highlight our Closeout Sale. We’re going out with a bang and listing everything in our webstore at 60% off! There are tons of Board Games, RPGs, minis, and gaming supplies that have never been priced that low here…or, anywhere really.  For those who…

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The 2023 Black Friday Sale!!

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! From our family to you and yours, we hope you’re having a fantastic day of food, family, and fellowship! I’ll tell you what, I’m glad I’ll be running around fulfilling orders over the next few days to help work some of this off 😀 For now though, please read on…

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Head’s Up – Black Friday…is Next Friday!!

weekly store update 231117

Black Friday Sale Highlights First of all, keep an eye out next Thursday, as that is when the detailed newsletter containing the all-important Discount Code and sale specifics will land. If you’re participating in a Thanksgiving shindig, you can check out the newsletter at your leisure before you fall blissfully into a food coma. At…

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10 & 11 Nov Member’s Sale Details

membersale 110923

Just like that, the Member’s Sale is upon us! We’ve stocked up on supplies and have secured a few extra hands for the event. We’re anticipating a wonderful sale, and hope everyone is able to grab something at these incredible sale prices! Read on to uncover the specifics for this event.  MEMBER’S SALE DETAILS We…

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Our Transition Plan

our transition plan 231020

Now that we’ve had a little time to absorb our bad news, we can better explain what’s going to happen with our operations and when. Ultimately, we will be a shadow of our current selves come the new year – but there’s fun (and sales) to be had until then!  TRANSITION HIGHLIGHTS Here are the…

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