Our Transition Plan

our transition plan 231020

Now that we’ve had a little time to absorb our bad news, we can better explain what’s going to happen with our operations and when. Ultimately, we will be a shadow of our current selves come the new year – but there’s fun (and sales) to be had until then!  TRANSITION HIGHLIGHTS Here are the…

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Weekly Store Update: 13 October

weekly store update 231012

It looks like the perpetual downward trend in our nation’s financial situation has caught up with us. We cannot hide from the truth any longer and must make immediate changes. Check out this week’s newsletter to find out what’s going on. INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL When I was in my teens, I…

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Weekly Store Update: 6 October

weekly store update 231006

Autumn is in full effect around here, and other than the inevitable losing battles with fallen leaves, it’s definitely prime time to enjoy it all! I wonder if there’s a market for a board game involving leaves changing colors… In any case, we’re happy little shop keeps with plenty of recent restock and some new…

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Weekly Store Update: 29 September

weekly store update 230929

I see Halloween decorations going up all over the place, so it must be about that time. Do you have any favorite spooky games to highlight the season? Final Girl scratches that itch for us. I’ll tell you, it was a quiet week around here, but I still have a few things to share. Click…

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Weekly Store Update: 22 September

weekly store update 230922

It’s always great to hit the road, but it’s even better to get back – and we’re back in the saddle again! Did you miss us? Well, we missed you! There’s been quite a bit of catching up to do, but I think we have our sea legs back. Check out the new and restocked…

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Weekly Store Update: 1 September

weekly store update 230901

It’s hard to believe September is upon us. We’ll blink twice and it’ll be October, and they are already putting Christmas stuff out at the big box stores. ::sigh:: Anyway, nothing like a board game to make everything better – and those we have! We have a few things to discuss and new items to…

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Weekly Store Update: 25 August

weekly store update 230825

It’s hot here. Like…melt your brain hot. It’s so bad, I had to put away Spirit Island for a bit and pull out Three Sisters. It was the perfect antidote! Around the store there’s a few timely topics to discuss, and – as always – we have some new items and restocks to show you.…

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Weekly Store Update: 18 August

weekly store update 230818

We have finally turned on our Magic the Gathering sales channel so local customers can pick up their cards from us just as easily as those we ship to. We don’t have all our singles in there yet, but we do have over 40,000 now…so a good start. Around the shop we also had a…

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Weekly Store Update: 11 August

weekly store update 230811

Another good week in the books, with plenty new items and restocks filling in those gaps on our shelves too. This week we take a look at some recent crowdfunded games, flash forward to 2024’s Magic the Gathering products, and discuss a troubling trend we’ve noticed this year. I can easily say though, at the…

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Weekly Store Update: 4 August

weekly store update 230803

Gen Con just kicked off, and while we aren’t participating this year it seems all of our distributors did. They won’t stop picking on us for not visiting 😀 Hopefully you were able to make it this year! It hasn’t been too crazy of a week overall, so only a few things to talk about.…

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