Weekly Store Update: 3 July

svg weekly update 220703

We’ve got some hot news to share with you! First, we have just launched our July Board Game Giveaway, so make sure you check that out. We’re also officially announcing our Summer Blowout Sale, that’s going to be something you don’t want to miss…trust us! That, and the latest games and restocks to hit the…

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Weekly Store Update: 26 June

svg update 220626

We’re back from our vacation and are buried up to our armpits in restock and new games. True story! We’d have it no other way though…nothing quite like getting back in the swing of things! Check out what’s new on the shelves and since you’re here why not stick around for a few store stories?…

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Weekly Store Update: 19 June

svg update 220619

A skeleton crew holds down the fort while Wendy and I are galavanting around the Great Northwoods most of the week. Hey, there’s still stuff happening at the shop though, there always is! Pop in to check out some store news and see what new items and restocks we laid in. Game on! INTRO Welcome…

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Weekly Store Update: 12 June

svg weekly update 220612

We’re bracing for a heat wave here ‘almost’ as hot as our prices! We have so many wonderful new games and restocks aplenty as well. We have a few more store updates to share and reveal our board game giveaway winner for June! Why not saddle on up and check it out? INTRO Welcome to…

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Weekly Store Update: 5 June

svg update 220605

June is here and we’re loving the summer! Gaming groups are in full swing and there are plenty of great new games hitting the table! Things are busy all around, but don’t forget to jump on our Giveaway! There’s only a week before we draw the winner! We also have some great new games and…

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Weekly Store Update: 29 May

svg update 220529

The Darkness has enveloped us completely… That’s right, the second wave of Massive Darkness 2 arrived, so now everything’s here! Shining through the darkness though is the launch of our June board game giveaway, some store improvements to discuss, and final art to show off! Click on in to check out what’s going on with…

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Weekly Store Update: 22 May

svg update 220522

It’s like a shadow enveloping Stone Valley Games, one might say there’s a… Massive Darkness upon us! That’s right, a significant portion of the highly anticipated Massive Darkness 2 dropped this week, along with several other fantastic items! We also have some new art to show you, some shipping tidbits to share, and more. Why…

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Weekly Store Update: 15 May

svg weekly update 220515

From riding dinosaurs to swords and sorcery in far flung fantasy settings thru the renaissance and capped off with a zombie-filled future, a myriad of games hit this week! We’re in cardboard heaven! We also drew the winner of our May board game giveaway and have other news to share too. Come on in and…

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Weekly Store Update: 8 May

svg weekly update 220508

Happy Mother’s Day! Wendy tells me it is the best job in the world, and I guess that puts SVG as the…second best job? 😀 We hope you stop in on Mother’s Day; moms will get a little something special from us today. Also, don’t forget to check out our May board game giveaway and…

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Weekly Store Update: 1 May

stone valley games update 220501

It’s hopping here at Stone Valley Games! We have just kicked off our May Board Game Giveaway, there’s new items and restocks back on the shelves, and we have a few other items of interest you might like to check out. Why not pop in and see what we have going on? INTRO Welcome to…

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