Weekly Store Update: 6 November

weekly store update 221106

Unlike our standard newsletters, there isn’t any new game, giveaway, or regular shop news this time around. As Eric underwent hip replacement surgery, last week was completely focused on his healing. No worries though, we’ll most likely be picking up the usual newsletter goodness next week. So, nothing to see here – unless you’re interested…

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Weekly Store Update: 24 October

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Have you been playing any scary games lately? Maybe a spooky one-shot of your favorite RPG? Candlelight will definitely help set that mood! Here at Stone Valley Games our prices are always scary…scary good! Oh goodness, I just cannot help myself. In any case, another influx of new games, some hot restocks, and a load…

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We Bid Him a Fond Farewell

We returned from the funeral in a somber mood. Don’t get me wrong, the service was excellent. In this funeral everything being said was easily the truth and no one needed to embellish anything. Even though we know Bill is in a better place, there’s that empty feeling. We’ll never hear his stories, hear that…

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A Moment of Silence

I’m going to pause my store update today and instead mourn the passing of Wendy’s father-in-law from her ex-husband’s side, Bill. Yes, that may seem odd, but Wendy’s girls were Bill’s only granddaughters so even when Wendy went on to marry me, Bill remained in the picture. He was the kind of man that’s almost…

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Where have the games gone?

It’s inevitable, really. Standing this business up has been on my mind for over a decade. I was going to initially pick it up when I retired from my day job. However, with the children all but grown up and gone, this seemed like a good thing for Wendy and I to get into together.…

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