Our Transition Plan

our transition plan 231020

Now that we’ve had a little time to absorb our bad news, we can better explain what’s going to happen with our operations and when. Ultimately, we will be a shadow of our current selves come the new year – but there’s fun (and sales) to be had until then!  TRANSITION HIGHLIGHTS Here are the…

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Weekly Store Update: 13 October

weekly store update 231012

It looks like the perpetual downward trend in our nation’s financial situation has caught up with us. We cannot hide from the truth any longer and must make immediate changes. Check out this week’s newsletter to find out what’s going on. INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL When I was in my teens, I…

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Weekly Store Update: 7 July

not much of an update 220707

Not much to update you on as we’re into Week 2 of our temporary closure. However, things are lining up for us to reopen next week. It looks like July 15 will be our ‘back to regularly scheduled hours’ day. That good news means our Summer Blowout Sale is definitely on for the end of…

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Weekly Store Update: 30 June

not much of an update 230630

Not much of an update as the store remains temporarily closed. We begin the healing process from a recent surgery. However, we don’t plan on being down that long as we should open back up in mid-July. Our annual Summer Sale is still penciled in for the end of July too. Fingers crossed! INTRO Welcome…

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