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Underwater Cities Board Game Giveaway!

Welcome! You must have heard about this giveaway on the Solosaurus Podcast or from someone who listened. Excellent! As you may know, Solosaurus and Stone Valley Games have joined forces to bring you this free copy of Underwater Cities! Underwater Cities scores a very respectable 8.1 on Board Game Geek and is in the top 50 Strategy games of all time! Simply fill out and Submit the form below and you will be automatically entered.


The winner will be announced on the 7 February 2020 Solosaurus Podcast where you will also discover whether or not Underwater Cities earns the Stomp of Approval. Make sure you tune in! While it is not mandatory, we ask that everyone fill out the entire form so we do not lose any time getting the winner's prize shipped out to them. Don't forget to share this link with your family and friends - the more...the merrier! Thank you and Good Luck!