October Board Game Giveaway!

Our favorite time of the year is upon us! The hot days of summer start to wane and the leaves are quickly changing colors. It's that happy place where the weather is pleasant, and the yard work is easy. At least until the leaves fall... Halloween is the highlight of our October, and in that spirit, we're giving away a brand-new copy of Legends of Sleepy Hollow. What's more seasonal than that?!

In Legends of Sleepy Hollow, players take on the roles of the four residents in a cooperative, miniatures-based campaign game full of secrets and twists. During the game, players will use an action pool to move about, investigate, interact with their environment, or unleash powerful attacks and abilities unique to each character. Once selected, however, these abilities will be unavailable until that character’s action pool has emptied — a process that becomes more complex as that character gains fear. The players will have to work closely together to overcome their fear, unravel the mysteries of the glen, and become true Legends of Sleepy Hollow.

For your chance to win, simply fill out and submit the form below to enter. There's no cost, this is our way to give back to the community that supports us. Entering does register you for the Stone Valley Games newsletter. Remember, only one entry per person, and even if you've signed up for a giveaway in the past you must enter this one again...they're all different.

Our giveaway is open to everyone in the United States. The winner will be drawn on 22 October 2022 and contacted via the email address they provide. While not mandatory, we ask that you fill out the entire form (especially the address) so we do not lose any time getting the winner's prize shipped out.

Don't forget to share this link with your family and friends - the more...the merrier! Thank you and Good Luck!

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