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Manufacturer: Two Hour Wargames. 5150: New Beginnings is a complete sci fi game in a Blade Runneresque setting. Play with the counters, cards, and boards we’ve included or use your minis. Categories: Book, Miniatures, Science Fiction, and Wargame. Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling, and Solo / Solitaire Game.

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In 5150: New Beginnings you’re thrust into a bustling, living urban environment, hundreds of years in the future — or maybe it’s now but just a place far, far away. Your goal is to take your Character, your “Star”, as far as it can go. Acquire wealth, fight crime, commit crimes, live large or fly under the radar, it’s up to you. Want to be an Interplanetary Smuggler or a Bounty Hunter? Yep, you can be that. Want to feel the rush of jacking up your body with the latest technology and running on the edge? Oh yeah baby, this is the place.

5150 New Beginnings can be played solo, same side against the game (Co-op), or head-to-head. Play on the four Battle Boards with the eighty counters we’ve provided or use any minis and terrain you may already have.

Kickstarter Mover Level includes softcover editions and all stretch goals in Print and PDF form of 5150 New Beginnings, 5150 Known Space, 5150 Usual Suspects, 5150 Working Grave, and the New Hope City Deck. Plus 3 additional PDF Titles! All She Wants to do is Dance, Lawyers Guns and Money, and New Hope City plus Bonus Cards and Boards! These will be automatically available upon order in a single zip file, and if you have an account, you’ll be able to revisit those PDFs in your account area.

5150 New Beginnings: Inside you’ll find everything you’ll need to play an exciting Sci-Fi immersion adventure game designed with Solo and Co-op play in mind, including:

  • Five Character Classes and thirty different Alien races, including Robots.
  • Unique Attributes and Skills to create your Characters.
  • More than twenty different Professions ranging from the hum-drum to the exotic.
  • A quick and easy Economics System, that gets you playing the game instead of bookkeeping the game, and lets you know if you’re living the High Life or living as a Low Life.
  • A realistic and deadly Combat System.
  • Exploring Alien worlds for adventure and profit.
  • A gaming environment where no two games ever play exactly alike.
  • Fifteen unique Encounters/Scenarios that build your Story.
  • Thirty-two interlocked Encounters over two Storylines.
  • Oh, yeah, a complete stand-alone Sci-Fi Boxing game that lets your Star get into the Ring or bet on those that do.
  • All this and much more.

5150 Known Space: The Galaxy is your playground!

There’s a big ‘ol universe out there, and 5150: Known Space lets you explore it and build your own Nine Rings in the 5150 setting. In Known Space you’ll get to travel and map out your own expanded 5150 universe. Create your own Star Systems, planets, and cities to visit. Travel between Star Systems, have enhanced space travel Encounters and experience combat in Zero-G. 5150: Known Space is a supplement for 5150 – New Beginnings, but can be used with almost any game system.

  • A Star System Map and 70 Planet Tiles used to map out the Nine Rings quickly and easily.
  • Create your own Cities and Settlements to visit and explore.
  • An enhanced map of the 5150 ‘verse that organizes space into Nine Rings and Eight Sectors.
  • Detailed Encounter lists for each Ring and Sector.
  • Space travel rules to let you fly around Known Space.
  • Two New Encounters – Trading your own Cargo, and the epic Expedition Encounter to let you discover lost Alien ruins and Artifacts
  • Zero-G and hostile atmosphere combat rules
  • Boarding combat rules that use the Ship Tile system that allows you to fight your way across custom ship maps!
  • A 16 Encounter Mission involving the enigmatic Kabasu Aliens.
  • All this and much more.

5150 Usual Suspects: Who are they exactly?

New Hope City is a large city with nine distinct Areas and lots of residents and visitors. Although we have written and will be writing LOTS of Encounters, sometimes you might just want to create your own.

But what if you want your Story scripted out for you? What if you just want to go from Encounter to Encounter, down the road as I like to call it? That’s where this tool comes in and I highly recommend it. Inside you’ll find a quick and easy way to populate New Hope City and script your Encounters your Story. And I guarantee, they will never be alike. Inside you’ll find:

  • Over 130 Character Lists with over 900 Characters you can run into.
  • The Lists not only tell you who you’ve run into put what they are doing.
  • A quick way to move each Encounter to the next one with the roll of 2d6.
  • The nine Areas of New Hope City contain the Who Are They Lists specifically for that Area.
  • Need to find someone? We have that covered to with our Where Are They Table.
  • Unique Non-Player Characters from Mr. Bad Example (think Grath with Human Attributes), Cyndee (the “perfect” Human), shape changing GAX (what are they again), and many more.

5150 Working Grave: Want to be a member of the New Hope City Police Department? We have the job for you!

Welcome to the Graveyard shift or the “Grave” as we call it. For us it’s midnight to 0800 hours. The handbook says…

“The Graveyard shift took its name from the spookiness of working the ghostly hours after midnight, perhaps in a nearly deserted factory with only a skeletal crew on duty.”

I can’t tell you much about factory work, but I’ll agree the Grave can be pretty damn spooky. At this time of night, you’ll be meeting the worse of “humanity” and assorted Aliens that happen to be “out and about”.

What kind? I’m talking Xeogs, Zhuh-Zhuhs, Hishen, Razors and Grath at least. And that’s not even mentioning the “metal-heads” that as soon tear your arm off as shake your hand.

Heard the old saying “crime doesn’t pay”? Well, they’re wrong, it does. And pretty damn well from what I hear. That’s why there are so many gangs out here. That’s why they all come here to New Hope City. The pay’s good…except for ours. And we’re all that stands between them and the nice LWC – Law-abiding Working Class. Now check the duty roster and head out to your vehicle. “It’s the witching hour baby, and we’re already behind”.

5150 New Hope City Deck

This 90-card deck covers all eleven Areas of New Hope City. Easy to use, the deck generates the Area of the NHC to go to, which Non-Player Character (NPC run by the game mechanics) you need to meet and in what Building it can be found. In addition, you can use it to generate where to go and who you can meet while you’re there. Here’s how we do it:

  • Roll 2d6 on the NHC Area Map to see what Area you will go to.
  • Draw a card from that Area. This tells you the Building you must go to.
  • Roll 2d6 to see which Profession of NPC you have met.
  • Roll 2d6 on the Profession Card to see who exactly you have met.
  • Flip the card over and roll 1d6. Your NPC party is built.
  • Four quick d6 rolls and your adventures are built, no need to consult the rules!

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