Cosmic Colonies

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1 – 5 Players, 30 – 45 Minutes playing time, Ages 10 and up. Cosmic Colonies scores a respectable 7.4 on Board Game Geek. A fairly light game, perfect for those looking for something to play in between heavier gaming sessions, or for families looking for something a bit more challenging than the normal fare. Keeps the tension on through limited actions and resources. Most importantly, the game is fun! Categories: Science Fiction, and Space Exploration. Game Mechanics: Card Drafting, Pattern Building, Simultaneous Action Selection, and Tile Placement.


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Cosmic Colonies. Asteroids blast through the cosmos, each one packed with possibilities. One may be your perfect new home, but it takes a stellar team to build a cosmic colony…

Cosmic Colonies is an orbit-drafting game of building a home in the stars. Players must leverage their workers’ unique abilities to gather resources and construct new buildings while cleverly expanding their colonies. Each round brings new opportunities — and new talent. Your old workers will blast off to other players, while their workers orbit around to join your team!

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