Fairy Trails

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1 – 2 Players, 15 – 20 Minutes playing time, Ages 8 and up. Fair Trails scores in the 7’s on Board Game Geek and is a light, tile laying game designed by Uwe Rosenberg. The solo mode is not a throwaway, it is actually fairly difficult to beat. This is an excellent game to pull out between heavier game sessions, to bring new players to the board game or tile laying scene, or for younger players. Manufacturer: Paperplane Games. Category: Fantasy. Game Mechanics: Network and Route Building, Solo / Solitaire Game, and Tile Placement.


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In Fairy Trails, players play cards that expand the road network. Once a road is completed, that player may place a stone on each of their houses that are bordering that road. The player who places all their houses first wins. Life isn’t easy in the enchanted forest. Elves and gnomes each have their own network of hidden paths. They don’t want to be disturbed and will move into their houses only once they’re protected from outsiders. Will you find your way or be lost in the forest?

59 Square card
38 Scoring tokens

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