Floor Plan

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1 – 100 Players, 20 – 40 Minutes playing time, Ages 10 and up. If you’ve played and enjoy Welcome To or Cartographers you may enjoy this one as well! In Floor Plan architects race to create the perfect floor plan. Can you make the clients happy? Manufacturer: Deep Water Games. Categories: Dice, and Puzzle. Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Simultaneous Action Selection, and Solo / Solitaire Game.

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In Floor Plan players take on the role of an Architect designing a house for a client. Each round, a pair of dice are rolled and then players will act simultaneously, using the dice to either draw a new room onto their floor plan or add crucial architectural and landscaping features.

The game ends when any player has completed two tasks for the client. The player with the most points is the winner – the client likes their design best and they earn that lucrative commission!

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