Icaion and Mysthea Bundle (The Complete Trilogy)

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2 – 5 Players, 90 – 120 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. This is one of the very, very few games we carry that is 2 or more players. Icaion (8.4 on Board Game Geek), Mysthea (7.9 on Board Game Geek) come together with Mysthea: The Fall – a brand new game fresh off a crowdfunding effort that combines the original two games together for a cooperative experience. We only have a single version of this bundle, which includes the Exclusive Aberration miniature as well as numerous regular miniature exclusives: Transmuter, Parasite Colony, Dark Bell, Living Altar, Pulsar, Curio Hub, and Qoamcopia! This bundle also earns Free Shipping! Categories: Fantasy, territory building, and miniatures. Game Mechanics: Deck, Bag and Pool Building, Pattern Building, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers, Area Majority / Influence, Hand Management, and Hand Management.


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The Icaion and Mysthea Bundle contains the following games: 

Icaion is an Engine Territory Building, Resource Management eurogame for 2 to 5 players designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi. In Icaion you become a Seeker, an expert adventurer, sent out by the Organization to hunt for treasures, Qoam, relics and artifacts from ancient times.

Key Features:

  • Original illustrations from acclaimed artist Travis Anderson
  • More than 70 highly detailed miniatures
  • The unique 120mm tall Colossus miniature
  • Combine it with Mysthea for a co-op experience “The Fall”
  • Deploy your Machines, Harvesters, Scavengers in strategic places of the map before other players to establish control of areas and exploit its resources
  • Go on a quest to activate the special Apparatus in the far craters left by the islands of Mysthea

Mysthea is a hand building / management and area control eurogame from Tabula Games, where time-tested euro mechanics get a modern twist and are infused with a strongly thematic design to immerse you in the strange world of Icaion. Fight for the control of unexplored floating island, places filled with anomalies and strange monsters. Gather your powers to make entire islands move. Join forces to fight the dreadful monsters that inhabit them creating an army and strongholds on these new frontiers.

Myshtea: The Fall is a cooperative territorial defense game for 2-5 players by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi. In this title a cataclysm has hit Mysthea, making the five floating islands to fall down on the lands of Icaion. The two civilizations finally meet for the first time and are immediately forced to cooperate to stop the advance of frenzied creatures, attracted by the giant crystal inside the City. This game can be played just by combining together components from Mysthea and Icaion.

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