Kodama Forest

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1 – 6 Players, 30 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. In Kodama Forest, fill your forests with as many plants and animals as possible to please Kodama. Manufacturer: Indie Boards and Cards. Category: Abstract Strategy. Game Mechanics: Tile Placement, and Solo / Solitaire Game.


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Kodama Forest. Springtime has come again, and your forest is blooming! However, the magical kodama spirits will only grace the lushest and most beautiful of landscapes. Plant bamboo and flowers to attract friendly pandas and butterflies to beautify your plot of land. Plan carefully to ensure that your two forests can be filled with as many plants and animals as possible in order to please the colorful kodama

In Kodama Forest, everyone works with their neighbors to cover as much of their shared player boards as possible. Every round, each player places one tile on the board to their right and one tile on the board to their left. Forests are penalized for every uncovered dirt section and the game ends when one board has covered all of its “5” and “10” dirt spaces. Players score both of their shared boards, with the lowest combined score determining the winner.

Balancing cooperation and competition is the key to victory.

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