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1 Player, 6 – 12 Minutes playing time, Ages 10 and up. In Lux Aeterna, your ship has sustained massive damage, is falling apart, and is drifting toward the a black hole. You are alone… Manufacturer: Capstone Games. Categories: Card Game, Real-time, and Science Fiction. Game Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, and Solo / Solitaire Game.


How to Play:


Lux Aeterna. “Mayday! Mayday! Can anybody hear me? Please answer! I am caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole. Can you hear me…please? This is the Lux Aeterna spaceship! Mayday Mayday! I transmit my coordinates. We were on course past NGC 1277 when a meteor hit. There was a bang…all systems are red. We are falling. We are falling towards the event horizon! Can anybody help me? Can you hear me?”

Your ship has sustained massive damage, is falling apart around you, and is drifting toward the ultimate catastrophe, a black hole. You are alone.

Your challenge in Lux Aeterna is to draw and play all of the cards in the main deck, one turn after another, without the spaceship collapsing completely or falling into the black hole. Cards have multiple functions; you will assign drawn cards to one each of these functions each turn:

  • As damage to a system (with six systems available to you);
  • As an action to help stay alive/fix the ship; or,
  • As movement toward the black hole.

If a ship’s system collapses, the game will get harder for you; if you should repair a system, then you just might avoid the ultimate doom.

Events (called “glitches”) can be seeded into the main deck to make things even more difficult, as will reducing the real time that you have to play: 12 minutes -> 10 minutes -> 8 minutes, etc.

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  1. Mark Miller

    Obviously, we humans are not identical and our likes/dislikes will not always match when it comes board games, especially games played solo. I have a large collection of solo and multi-player games (including co-ops). Before I buy any game, the first thing I do is go looking for reviews 🙂

    Ok, with that out of the way, I give Lux Aeterna 5 stars. I can’t find a single issue. The rules are brief, but written well. There is one card that I needed to get clarity from the designer on BoardGameGeek, but other than that,

    This game is very flexible with regards to increasing/decreasing complexity. A lot of setup options and ways to increase the complexity, but I don’t know if you really need to do that. I lost the first 3 games and barely won my next game. All were played with a 15-minute timer. Technically, you choose to not play with a timer, or you can set the time to something less, to make it even more challenging.

    It is a small box solo game that is designed to be played in less than 15 minutes. You start the game with removing a number of cards, so each game is different. You start drawing 4 cards, analyzing the 3 best to play and trying to figure out how to keep your ship from falling into a black hole.

    If you do some research, you will see this game is influenced by the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Others, like myself, like to play ambient space music, or music from the movie, or other music found on YouTube.

    This is a game where you win or lose, but when you win, you score points. So, it does lend itself as a “beat your best score” type of game. To me, the game is difficult enough, that while I do score my games, just winning feels good – no matter of the final score 🙂

    My recommendation is to buy this game, watch the movie, save some background music to your YouTube playlist and grab your timer and immerse yourself in this thematic game.

    This is one game that I will continue to play, and I love the small box – I can take it on trips and play while my daughters are off doing stuff!

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  2. Mark Miller

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This game is one of top solo games in my collection! Do yourself a favor and buy this game!

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Q & A

Does the Lux Aeterna pre-order come with the 5 promo cards? Thank you! Mark Corrado asked on September 8, 2021
Just received my 5 promo cards from Capstone directly for $7 (which included the shipping). From - the following is an answer to the question on how the 5 promo cards work. ======================================== You do not remove any cards. You just add the two cards to the deck and the two red cards to the other red cards at the beginning of the game. The CAT System does not replace any cards, and only helps you keep track to see if you lost, under hard conditions (loosing with 3 collapsed systems instead of 4) =========================================== Essentially, you really only have 4 new cards that come into play during the game. The CAT card appears to only be a score-tracking card. I am still trying to figure that one out. With all this said, I love the game and the $7 to me is not a burden and I don't mind having these new cards, but I can also see that the game plays just great without them. My advice, if you want them, get them, but if you think you would be disappointed in paying about half the cost of a full game for essentially 4 cards, then I can't find a reason to convince you to add the promo pack based on the additional cost. Mark Miller answered on December 6, 2021
My version of the game, purchased from SVG a few days ago, does NOT have the 5 promo cards. I did order them online and waiting for them to be delivered. After reading BGG and looking at the cards, it does appear that these cards are not really needed and may have some confusion on how to actually use them. Plus, they cost about half of the cost of the game. However, with all that said, I am not disappointed that I ordered them because I tend to be a sucker for all add-ons, expansions, promos, etc. Hope this helps - I did order the promo cards from Capstone. Mark Miller answered on November 29, 2021
While it does list the 5 promo cards on the Capstone Games website for a preorder thru them, they - nor our distributors have told us anything about the promo. So, I'd have to say if you want to be guaranteed those promos you'd have to go thru Capstone; we likely will not know about the promo cards until the games are being shipped to us. --Eric Stone Valley answered on September 9, 2021 store managerstore manager
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