Munchkin Dungeon (Advanced Dangers & Dungeons Edition)

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2 – 5 Players, 60 – 90 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Munchkin Dungeon is along the same line a the extremely popular card game, but with the addition of miniatures and a board to add a bit of life to the event. It is extremely easy to set up and is a really good entry level family game or quick, cruel and fun party game to bring up for something light between heavier gaming sessions. There are some excellent dice and card combinations that are full of the usual tongue-in-cheek humor. While the base game is relatively short, most consider it much quicker than the card game, this edition adds plenty of extras that will increase replayability significantly. Do you push your luck and delve deeper into the dungeon? Careful, as the deeper you go, the more threats you provide other players who could use them against you. The price is higher than the usual Munchkin game due to the use of miniatures in this version, but they are extremely well produced. Category: Fantasy. Game Mechanics: Take That.

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Munchkin Dungeon (Advanced Dangers & Dungeons Edition) Munchkin Dungeon is a hilarious adventure game designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang where 2 to 5 players explore the Dungeon and have to push their luck, facing not only hordes of monsters but also their friends’ treacherous tricks! The celebrated hit card game Munchkin and its infamous characters come to life on your tabletop with amazing miniatures!

The Advanced Dangers & Dungeons Edition includes:

  • Munchkin Dungeon core box
  • All applicable Stretch Goals in the Box of Holding
  • Exclusive Elf Heroine
  • Side Quest Expansion

Exclusive to this Edition:

In addition to the regular game, this edition includes:

  • Heroes (2 different 1 Elf, 1 Thief, Cleric, 1 Wizard, 1 Warrior, 1 Dwarf, and 3 different Super Munchkin miniatures)
  • Monsters (King Tut, Stoned Golem, Grassy Gnoll, Oxymoron, Scary Clowns, Santa, BadAss, Pirate Sheep, Pterodactyl, and Wight Brothers miniatures)
  • Bosses (Gazebo and Red Dragon)
  • As well as: Plastic Fame Markers, 4 Bookmarks, 6 Basic Rooms, Meanchkin Pack, 4 Super Dashboards and the Box to hold everything in.


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