Pathfinder Battles Premium Miniatures: Thieves Guild Premium Set

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Manufacturer: WizKids. With Trapdoor, training dummies, tools, and loot stashes, the Pathfinder Battles: Thieves Guild Premium Set is one of the best ways to add to your Pathfinder play experience, or to just enhance a scene for your players. With over 15 pieces to decorate the guild, customizing it for the perfect guild setting couldn’t be easier!

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Pathfinder Battles Premium Miniatures: Thieves Guild Premium Set. Every criminal gang needs a place to call home, be it to train their larcenous skills or to hide out from the law. With the Thieves Guild Premium Set, your scoundrels and burglars gain a wide range of furnishings to decorate their hidden hideout, be it tables strewn with stolen loot, training dummies to practice their skills, or a sinister altar to the God of Thieves! This fantastic set is perfect for any Pathfinder game that involves the shady side of law!

Key Features

  • Includes over 15 pieces to decorate the Thieves Guild!
  • Traps await you around every corner! Piles of loot are stashed everywhere! Plenty of targets to practice on with the tools of the trade!
  • Pull away a false wall on the back of Norgorber’s Altar to reveal a secret passage!

This Set Includes

  • 1x – Card Table
  • 2x – Chair
  • 2x – Altar Brazier
  • 1x – Trapdoor
  • 1x – Thieves Weapon Rack
  • 1x – Combat Training Dummy
  • 1x – Pickpocket Training Dummy
  • 1x – Norgorber Altar
  • 1x – Altar Corpse Pile 1
  • 1x – Altar Corpse Pile 2
  • 1x – Archery/Thrown Dagger Target
  • 1x – Thieves’ tools
  • 1x – Training chest
  • 1x – Training door
  • 1x – Loot sack
  • 1x – Loot Table

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 4 in


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