Pathfinder 2E Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse

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Manufacturer: Paizo Inc. Pathfinder Second Edition smooths out Pathfinder’s tactical combat without losing the complexity that makes it a gaming system unto itself at the table. All the new sourcebooks bring the Pathfinder worlds and many different fauna and flora sharply into focus. Even if you’re biding your time between RPGs, these new sourcebooks are excellent inspiration for your home spun campaigns, no matter what roleplaying system you prefer. Note that miniatures or markers of some kind are required for combat encounters, as is a gameplay mat with one-inch squares.

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Pathfinder (Second Edition) Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse. South of a forbidding range of mountain peaks lies a land of boundless resources and untold opportunity. The Mwangi Expanse has been home to an untold diversity of cultures and peoples since time immemorial, hosting powerful, isolated city states that have often paid little attention to their neighbors. Yet the turning tides of fortune have begun to usher in changes that are rippling across the world. As a band of scholars from an ancient university venture north to aid a disaster-torn Avistan. A revolution-forged nation seeks powerful allies against foreign aggression. An undead god, once a symbol of hope to his declining nation, now grows jealous enough to turn on his self-proclaimed kin. Whether you are a diplomat seeking leverage from the most difficult of positions, a spy seeking the subtlest hint of danger from your surroundings, a guardian hoping to protect your home and people, or a warrior striking back at tyrants both native and foreign, this guide to the Mwangi Expanse offers you the ultimate resource to explore a realm of magic, monsters, and intrigue!

Written by: Laura-Shay Adams, Mariam Ahmad, Jahmal Brown, Misha Bushyager, Alexandria Bustion, Duan Byrd, John Compton, Sarah Davis, Naomi Fritts, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Gabriel Hicks, TK Johnson, Michelle Jones, Joshua Kim, Travis Lionel, Ron Lundeen, Stephanie Lundeen, Hillary Moon Murphy, Lu Pellazar, Mikhail Rekun, Nate Wright, and Jabari Weathers

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  1. Joseph Street

    This is the book that fans of Pathfinder’s Mwangi Expanse have been waiting for! The artwork is top notch as always, and the writing is very clear and concise. Its broken down into 4 main sections which are, The People of the Mwangi, Religion, Geography (complete with detailed notes on the major settlements) and finally the Bestiary. There is also a brief history of the area.

    The People of the Mwangi introduces us to various groups which include 6 new rare and uncommon ancestries. Each gets a nice section of between 5 and 10 pages describing them.

    Religion gives us 12 main deities. Each one is a full page description of the deity along with all the information one would need (alignment, domains, favored weapons, notes on the deities avatar, etc.).

    The Geography section is roughly 35 pages and gives us a good look at all the major areas that make up the Mwangi. Maybe the highlight of this section is the 100 pages or so that are dedicated to the major settlements!! A GM would easily find enough material here to center a campaign around.

    Finally, the Bestiary wraps up the book with 15 new creatures that are native to the Mwangi. Maybe just as useful is the table that lists all the creatures (from all the Bestiaries) that are home to the Mwangi Expanse and where to find them.

    The fine people at Paizo have really outdone themselves with this one! Of course, I might be showing it some favoritism since this was one of my favorite parts of Golarion, but there is definitely something for everyone in this book!

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