Planet Apocalypse

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1 – 5 Players, 60 – 90 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Planet Apocalypse scores an incredible 8.5 on Board Game Geek. Players really enjoy the tower defense style game, especially at lower player counts so it is extremely solo or co-op friendly. There is deep character progression and challenging boss fights to go with the excellent miniatures, and an interesting take on the push you luck mechanic as the cherry on top. Games often go down to the wire as small changes can make a difference, so strategy is key. Categories: Fantasy, Fighting, and Horror. Game Mechanics: Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, and Role Playing.


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Planet Apocalypse is an exciting cooperative game for 1-5 players. You are postapocalypse heroes confronting the hordes of hell! Every game is different, every game is tense, as you battle demons from the circles of hell, and in the end, strive to take down their demon lord!

This game features an unending variety of game play, with strategies and tactics changing every time. The demon figures in this game are huge, with miniatures a true 28mm scale, and demons up to 104mm.

Planet Apocalypse was designed by Sandy Petersen, one of the best-known designers in the horror game field. The art and style of the game was created by Keith Thompson, whose work is well-known in both films and games.

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