Savage Worlds (SWADE): Savage Tokusatsu (Softcover Color) [Print + PDF]

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Savage Tokusatsu requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) Core Rules to play.

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Transform and Fight, Heroes!

Savage Tokusatsu is a game built from the ground up specifically for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) roleplaying game. Within the pages of this book are new rules and character options to help you capture the feel of any tokusatsu story in the collaborative storytelling experience that is tabletop roleplaying.

You can be the transforming team of heroes working together to control a giant mech simultaneously. You can play the desperate humans trying to halt the advance of an unstoppable kaiju that towers above skyscrapers. All this and more is possible with Savage Tokusatsu!

What’s In the Book?

Within the pages of Savage Tokusatsu you’ll find entirely new systems for running your favorite colorful transforming heroes, controlling giant robots, and building superweapons to repel giant monsters.

  • FIVE Light Frameworks to capture different types of Transforming Heroes
  • Easy rules to Build Your Own Kaiju
  • SIXTEEN new Edges
  • SEVEN new Hindrances with a focus on social interaction
  • FIVE Campaign Style Guides to help you capture the right tone
  • FOURTEEN new and modified Setting Rules, including an easy way to pilot a shared robot
  • Rules for constructing a Super Weapon to repel a kaiju
  • Rules for building your own unique Iconic Weapons and Armor
  • Rules for building simple to run Mechs
  • 50+ Stat Blocks for friends and foes
  • Randomly Generated Kaiju rules
  • A Full Plot Point Campaign

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