Savage Worlds (SWADE) Deadlands: Blood Drive Set [with Bonus]


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Manufacturer: Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This Deadlands: Blood Drive Set requires the Deadlands: The Weird West core book, and the Savage Worlds core rules to play (not included).

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Savage Worlds (SWADE) Deadlands: Blood Drive Set. The newest edition of the Deadlands: The Weird West roleplaying game focuses on Wild Western tales of local horror, and what could be better than a good old-fashioned cattle drive from Hell!

This twisted tale takes a posse of hard-riding drovers and their Texas Longhorns from the rolling hills of Texas through swollen streams in Colorado, the mountain passes of New Mexico, the haunted prairies of Wyoming, and more! The weirdness escalates along the way, slowly exposing our heroes to the true horrors of the Weird West. So saddle up, partners, and join us on a Blood Drive!

Blood Drive Set includes:

The Blood Drive Campaign Book (MSRP $24.99)

This gorgeous, graphic-novel size hardback contains all you need to run this epic tale of intrigue, adventure, and exploration. The story takes our heroes from greenhorn cowpunchers to hardened trail hands, letting players take on the roles of regular cowboys and cowgirls or any mix of Deadlands’ unique character types.

Pawns (MSRP $14.99)

This project features three sheets of Deadlands Pawns containing a selection of characters and critters and brand new terrain pieces as well! The pawns supplement your maps with campfires, a chuck wagon, hangin’ trees, and other bits you’ll find useful for Blood Drive or your own outdoor adventures, all printed on thick, die-cut punchboard. Beautifully illustrated front and back and easy to transport, Deadlands Pawns make your games come to life on the tabletop, especially when used with our gorgeous new map packs!

Map Packs (MSRP $29.98)

Deadlands Map Packs are large, 30″ x 24″ double-sided laminated maps for use with miniatures or our Deadlands pawns. They’re marked with a  light one inch grid, perfect for Savage Worlds. Map Pack 3: End of the Line features a train station, corner saloon, and other classic western buildings. Map Pack 4: Ambush Pass features wilderness terrain ideal for use in Blood Drive.

Archetype Cards (MSRP $9.99)

Archetype Cards allow players to jump into Blood Drive or any other Deadlands game quickly. Set 3 adds plenty of ready-to-play heroes and heroines to choose from!

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