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Shadows of Esteren: Special Edition Bundle [with Bonus]

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Manufacturer: Studio Agate. Once you purchase these beautiful books, you will have instant access to the following PDFs:

  • Estern Book 0 Bundle
  • Estern Book 1 Universe
  • Estern Occultism Bundle
  • Estern Melwan
  • Estern Side Path
  • Estern Tri-Kazel Map
  • Estern Character Sheet
  • Estern Character Sheet printer friendly
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Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game with horrific and gothic overtones, in a dark, low fantasy setting. Extremely popular in Europe and hailing from France, this is a relatively unknown product in the US. This is your chance to get your hands on this wonderful roleplaying game! It’s a wonderful game, and don’t just take our word for it as Esteren won three ENnies for the year 2013: Best Interior Art GOLD, Best Production Value GOLD and Product of the Year SILVER!

The SVG Bundle Includes:

Shadows of Esteren 0 – Prologue (MSRP $14.99 GTIN 9782919256051)

This will be your first journey into the universe of Shadows of Esteren’s role-playing game and will prepare you for the first episode of the official campaign!

Inside you will find:

  • An Introduction to the Universe. Familiarize yourself with the main concepts of the game, as well as with a general presentation of the universe.
  • A Summary of the Game System. All the necessary elements to grasp Shadows of Esteren’s system and play your first scenarios.
  • Six Template Characters. Illustrated and ready-to-play characters: Yldiane the Varigal, Arven the fighter, Ean the fugitive, Liam the scholar, Mòr the Ionnthén, and Urvan the Blade Knight.
  • Three Scenarios. The triptych “Omens” offers three scenarios, which are very different, and yet linked by a single red thread. They are meant for players and leaders of all levels.
  • Poison: An ideal scenario to discover Esteren and take your first steps in role-playing. The village of Melwan is threatened by a poisoning. Will you be able to discover its source and how to stop it?
  • Loch Varn: Dive into the confines of nightmare in an elaborate scenario with original narrative concepts and discover the secrets of Loch Varn’s vale.
  • Red Fall: A dead man and a missing woman. Lead an investigation in Dearg and experience an initial overview of the vale in which the first episode of the official campaign will be set.

Shadows of Esteren Core Book (Special Edition) (MSRP $50)

Specially designed to celebrate Shadows of Esteren’s 8th anniversary, with an alternate cover art with a full-page illustration. The cover of this anniversary edition will feature a painting by Yoann Lossel titled Eros & Thanatos. Love and death, what best describe Shadows of Esteren?

Intended for Game Leaders as well as for Players, this book is the first of the Shadows of Esteren series. Within, you will find:

A Gaming Universe: Discover the world of Esteren through the eyes of its inhabitants, especially those of Tri-Kazel’s peninsula. Divided into three kingdoms, its political, geographical, and historical aspects are described. The lifestyle, the antagonisms among the factions, and the problems its inhabitants have to cope with on a daily basis are extensively portrayed.

A Complete System: Giving priority to the atmosphere and interactions among the Players, the game system of Shadows of Esteren will notably allow you to create your Characters, manage the evolution of their sanity, use Magience, uncover the secrets of the Oghamic arts, call upon the power of the Creator, etc.

Player Aids: This book includes six archetypes illustrating a few of the possible roles you can play, technical texts about assembling a group of Characters, a complete glossary and index, the character sheet, etc. These player aids will allow you to set up your first game sessions while fully introducing you to the Shadows of Esteren series.

Occultism Book (Special Edition) (MSRP $40)

Who are the representatives of this strange science? How are they organized? What do they seek? Beside the mystical powers of the  Demorthèn and of the priests of the Temple, is there another source of supernatural power? In exploring these questions, the Characters will face mysteries that may shake their innermost convictions!

 140-page hardcover book. Contents include:

  •  Occultism in Tri-Kazel. This introductory chapter is a complete overview of occultism in Tri-Kazel. Leaders will find many details about the skills of occultists, the forbidden arts of sorcerers, or the mysterious visionary powers of mediums. New Disciplines are introduced, as well as additional rules on sanity.
  •  The Circle of Emergence. The second chapter describes a characteristic occult organization:  its modes of operation, its objectives, and its core members. Whether the Circle of Emergence is intended to become the PCs’ patron or their mortal enemy, this game aid is certain to be valuable for Leaders who wish to bring occultism to the forefront of their campaign.
  •  A Tidy Room. When a young girl from a low-class district, enchanting and beloved by all, disappears, the locals are in a commotion. Searches are quickly organized: people comb through vacant lots, back streets, and dumping grounds. Even the sewers and canals are explored over the course of several days… to no avail. “A Tidy Room” is a large scenario written by Iris that will confront the Player Characters with occult and supernatural dangers. It comes with many game aids, including a comprehensive description of the scenario’s locale: the Weavers’ District, a perfect setting for any game in an urban environment.  Finally, two new creatures are included: the Bogeyman and the Diwelank.

Shadows of Esteren: Melwan (Limited Edition Sourcebook) (MSRP $50)

The Shadows of Esteren series includes several supplements that explore specific aspects of its universe. Melwan’s focus is the eponymous vale from which Adeliane and her sister Yldiane hail. It is written from the perspective of an in-universe character. Here, the author is Neala, a shepherdess and Caernide breeder from Melwan. She describes her village and the surrounding vale (which takes the shape of a game aid dedicated to the region’s noteworthy locations, personalities, and flora), and covers the local fauna, as well as more unusual creatures (under the form of a bestiary).

Shadows of Esteren: Side Path (MSRP $19.99 GTIN 9782491139124)

Explore the Shadows of Esteren universe through a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure interactive story. Be brave, be discerning, and most of all, be wise if you want to overcome the obstacles, mysteries, and enemies awaiting you! To play, all you need is this boo, and something to keep notes with.

Set of 5 Critical Metal Dice, Pouch, and Dice Tray (MSRP $50)

Extremely limited, this set includes hefty metal Fate Dice, a black pouch specially designed for this occasion, as well as a dice tray. Perfect to spare your table and your floor!

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