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1 – 4 Players, 45 – 120 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Street Masters scores a truly amazing 8.4 on Board Game Geek. The rules are tight and gameplay is locked in, making for an extremely smooth and fun fighting experience. It’s easy to tell a lot of work went into making sure everything works well together, and there is so much variety and replayability right out of the box! Categories: Adventure, Card Game, Dice, Fantasy, Fighting, Miniatures, Puzzle, and Video Game Theme. Game Mechanics: Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, and Hand Management.


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Street Masters is a 1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games. Featuring over 65 highly detailed miniatures, unique decks for fighters & enemies, custom dice, and lightning-fast gameplay, Street Masters lets players match up powerful fighters against villainous organizations in a wide array of exciting scenarios. Designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler, the game offers modular and elegant gameplay set in a unique and exciting world of brutal combat.


Warriors from around the world, known for their legendary fighting abilities and skills, receive mysterious invitations to participate in a martial arts tournament. During the tournament, the organization surrounding it reveals their true identity — The Kingdom — and their purpose to recruit fighters to join their militia or enslave those against them. While several of these warriors made it out in time, many were never heard from again.

Five years later, a government project called “Street Masters” initiates in order to counter-act the war against The Kingdom, now having divided and seized control over the world by several of its factions. Those who join the Street Masters project must work together to take down each faction, crippling parts of The Kingdom before they’re able to launch their end game.

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