Pathfinder (Second Edition): The Horseshoe Calamity Adventure (Softcover)

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Manufacturer: Legendary Games. Why move to Second Edition? Pathfinder RPG Second Edition smooths out Pathfinder’s tactical combat without losing the complexity that makes it a gaming system unto itself at the table. All the new sourcebooks bring the Pathfinder worlds and many different fauna and flora sharply into focus. Even if you’re biding your time between RPGs, these new sourcebooks are excellent inspiration for your home spun campaigns, no matter what roleplaying system you prefer. Note that miniatures or markers of some kind are required for combat encounters, as is a gameplay mat with one-inch squares.

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The Horseshoe Calamity (Pathfinder Second Edition). On the frozen frontier far from civilization, a recently-disturbed shrine to an evil god has brought chaos and conflict to a community of centaurs and humans. The humans blame the centaurs’ greed for the plague of undead, and the centaurs seek a powerful magic item—starting with a single horseshoe—to put the threat to rest. Will the spirit of chaos bring all-out war or can both sides face down an ancient menace that threatens to destroy them all?

The Horseshoe of Calamity is a 7th-level adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that can be played on its own or as a snowy side-trek to a larger winter-themed campaign. Grab this 28-page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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