The One Hundred Torii

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1 – 4 Players, 45 – 60 Minutes playing time, Ages 8 and up. The One Hundred Torii scores a nice 7.5 on Board Game Geek. This game has an exceptional solo player mode, where you build the bot as you play, making for more strategic choices throughout. On the lighter side of gameplay, this is a beautiful and relaxing tile laying game with some good strategy elements that stands fine on its own. Heavier players like to play this in between their brain buster marathon games to tone things down for a bit. Category: Abstract Strategy. Game Mechanics: Set Collection and Tile Placement.


How to Play:

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Find your path in a beautiful Japanese garden. In the Japanese tradition, the torii gate marks the transition into the sacred. Travel from fountains to flowers to shrines passing through as many torii gates as possible, while meeting vendors, poets, and even Samurai along the way.

The traveler goes
through the ancient torii gate—
Leaf falls in water

Earn the most journey points by expanding the garden and walking through as many torii gates as possible as you move between similar landmarks. Earn additional advantages and points by interacting with characters in the garden such as poets, samurai, gardeners, vendors and geishas. Maybe you will be first to visit each landmark 5 times or maybe you will interact with same character 3 times. Your journey to the most points may lead you down a different path every time!

The One Hundred Torii is a tile placing game played over a series of turns. Each turn the board expands and the game ends after the last tile is drawn and each player takes one last turn.

Each Turn, the player takes the following actions (in order):
– Get Help (optional)
– Expand the Garden
– Claim Rewards (if earned)
– Draw Tiles

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