The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, published by Paizo, is a fantasy roleplaying game (RPG) initially based on the revised 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) published by Wizards of the Coast and is intended to be backward-compatible with that edition. We exclusively carry Pathfinder 2nd Edition (or P2), the first major update to the game initially released in August 2019.

Second Edition streamlines the game, making it easier to learn, play, and GM while maintaining the scale of the original Pathfinder. Characters can easily be made unique. Thanks to the streamlined three-action economy, combat is more dynamic with movement being a viable option on the battlefield (unlike the first edition where sometimes just standing still was the best plan). Critical hits have been tweaked – now succeeding anytime a player rolls 10 more than the opponent’s armor class. Conversely, players also critically succeed when defending which generally has no effect vs reduced effect from the original game. Then, to clean up the number scaling of skills, attack rolls, saves, armor class, and difficulty classes, they all scale on a 1 to 1 ratio with the character’s level plus a stat bonus between two and eight depending on proficiency. So, much less “mathfinder” than the first edition. Last, the concept around magic items has morphed from hoarding the shiny to now seeking out more powerful items. Even if you are not planning on starting up a game in the system anytime soon, these source documents are excellent inspiration for your homebrew campaigns, no matter what system you run.

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