Savage Worlds is a generic or universal roleplaying game published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The purpose of the system is to provide a unified mechanic for fast-paced game play, allowing for a relative lack of preparation compared to most other systems at the expense of realism. Savage Worlds has everything you need to play narrative or miniature-based games, with quick, simple, yet comprehensive rules for everything from combat to Dramatic Tasks, Chases, and Interludes. The emphasis is on less bookkeeping for Game Masters so they can quickly and easily create worlds and adventures for any setting while focusing on the players and their actions to keep everything moving along.

As a "Savage Retailer" we carry both Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (SWD) and the newer Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE), and provide free PDFs with almost all physical books, as noted with the [with Bonus] label. Pinnacle provides free modification sheets to quickly update original SWD books to the new SWADE rules. Also, we partner with many smaller and independent publishers to bring numerous physical copies of game settings under one roof to help inspire you and elevate your game.

We have split our SWADE and SWD products on this page with SWADE at the top and SWD toward the bottom. Each section has filters above the product grid: Rulebooks, Settings, and Accessories to help you sort thru the items. You can add to your cart from this page, or click the product to learn more about it. If your order consists of only books, the system will provide a Media Mail rate which is much more cost effective than regular postage rates. Also, just so you know, registering on our site here keeps you up to date on giveaways, sales and new products. 

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