Stone Valley - the Fantasy Setting

Stone Valley

The immense landmass is surrounded by an ocean. In the center of the supercontinent, between all the factions of men and beast hovers the obelisk. No one knows who built the obelisk, as that has been lost to time, but no one denies the importance of the object. The obelisk is not that imposing of a structure as it points to the sky, shiny as polished stone. Strange carvings can be seen circling the structure at the top and base of the obelisk, and what appears to be a large red gem is integrated near the center of the object. As anyone who touches the stone dies, no one has been able to inspect the gem more closely. Most strangely, though, a soft but penetrating hum emanates in such a way that it can be felt long before the stone can be seen. Those near the obelisk begin to see visions of fantastic things, impossible things, inspiring things. They become healed, or become stronger. The results seem random, one can never tell exactly what will happen. All anyone knows is, it seems the power of the obelisk reacts differently depending on who is near. All of the sentient beings in the supercontinent naturally want to be near the obelisk, but instead of sharing the power of the spire they battle for control. Over time the area around the obelisk has become a barren, war torn no-man’s land known as Stone Valley with each faction at the edge of the valley waiting to attack anyone else attempting to close with the spire.