The Stone Valley Pangea

What follows are excerpts from our slowly developing fantasy / sci-fi roleplaying setting, the Stone Valley Pangea. 

The immense landmass is surrounded by an ocean. In the center of the supercontinent, between all the factions of men and beast hovers the obelisk. No one knows who built the obelisk, as that has been lost to time, but no one denies the importance of the object. This seemingly stone object has simply become known as 'The Stone'. 

The obelisk is not that imposing of a structure as it points to the sky, shiny as polished stone. Strange carvings can be seen circling the structure at the top and base of the obelisk, and what appears to be a large red gem is integrated near the center of the object. As anyone who touches the stone dies, no one has been able to inspect the gem more closely. Most strangely, though, a soft but penetrating hum emanates in such a way that it can be felt long before the stone can be seen.

Those near the obelisk begin to see visions of fantastic things, impossible things, inspiring things. They become healed, or become stronger. The results seem random, one can never tell exactly what will happen. All anyone knows is, it seems the power of the obelisk reacts differently depending on whomever is near.

All of the sentient beings in the supercontinent naturally want to be near the obelisk, but instead of sharing the power of the spire they battle for control.

Over thousands of years, the area around the obelisk has become a barren, war torn no-man’s land known as Stone Valley with each faction at the edge of the valley waiting to attack anyone else attempting to close with the spire.

Six Stone Valley Pangea Regions

On this fantasy Pangea, a significant human colony was inserted in a central location along with a mysterious Obelisk of Power. The people were supposed to grow together around the Obelisk and become an advanced species working together to further everyone's advancement. However, with little surprise to anyone who knows humans, instead they splintered into different tribal groups and migrated to the six geographically different regions to ultimately wage war to control the Obelisk. 

Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, many of the beings who were once human have mutated to become more adept to survive and ultimately thrive in their environs with their own languages, creeds and beliefs.

To get an idea, if the Pangea is like a clock face, the regions from the top going clockwise are Mountainous, Plains, Desert, Swamp, Ocean, and Forests.

We introduce you to each of these regions below.

northern mountains rectangle with name

Mountainous Region

Our intrepid heroes risk an excursion out of the vast underground tunnel systems to secure the always harried trade routes to other parts of the Pangea. While the regions are always seemingly at war, trade goods still flow as there are minerals and supplies the rest of the Pangea needs which are only found in these northern mountains.

northern mountains rectangle with name
plains night rectangle with name

Plains Region

It is here where our weary King has finally claimed the throne, with significant personal loss along the way. With the mysterious Obelisk of Power in the background, and a hint at the Pangea map behind a drooping cloth, the sun begins to rise on what would turn out to be a very fateful day.

plains night rectangle with name
desert rectangle with name

Desert Region

Here our desert wanderer proudly wields his hard-won flag. It's his tribe's representation of his newly earned Seeker status. Tasked as a Seeker, he gazes far into the distance where Hardell's Hands provide stark contrast to the rocky plateaus, sand dunes, salt marshes and dissected terrain. The last several who have gone this way did not return. Will Zorphax make the arduous journey, or will his carapace armor eventually sink into the ever-moving landscape? Only time will tell!

desert rectangle with name
swamp rectangle with name

Swamp Region

It's just ole' Vlathact grabbing a quick snack on the way to his humble home. After working a 10-hour day at the peat moss factory he's looking forward to relaxing by the sputtering fire, consuming his evening ration of delicious rancid flesh, and continuing his pet project. After months of tinkering, he's 'this' close to perfecting the formula that turns his nitrogen rich environment into a combustible resource. Once he has that sorted out he'll show them...he'll show them all!

swamp rectangle with name
Ocean rectangle no name

Ocean Region

Second Lieutenant Chogrywr, finned hand high on his preferred terrestrial fighting weapon, looks to the remaining marines emerging from the blackened depths of the never-ending ocean. 

His raiding party, trekking from the underwater city of Tholothian, is singularly focused on probing the latest 'land dwellers' defensive upgrades. Having led several such endeavors in the past, 2LT Chogrywr was cool and calm, mentally and physically prepared for whatever may come his way. It was a good thing too... 

A little further up the beach, squad leader Sergeant Scurcel surprisingly displays the hand and arm signal for "stop". Surprising only because this beach landing was supposed to be uninterrupted from any 'dirty air breather'. So much for "supposed to be..."

Assistant squad leader, Corporal Truskod, quickly moves to secure the squad's guidon and readies his service speargun weapon in preparation for immanent contact...

Ocean rectangle no name
jungle rectangle no name

Forest Region

With a sharp eye on her target, Ehlydra hunts alongside her ferocious feline partner Ghobiani. Brought together by chance when they were both but cubs, many years together have made them a formidable force indeed. Ehlydra's braid is made of the shredded fur of her companion, and the longer they spend together, the longer the braid grows. Again, demonstrating the strength of their partnership. 

Each carries the coveted 'three tree', represented by the dots on their faces, which identifies them as members of the highest classed hunters in their tribe. The circular logo they both wear with pride identifies them as members of the elite Hunlinnde clan.

In the classic hunting norm of "I see it first, I get the first shot", Ehlydra prepares her shot while Ghobiani glances at her in surprise. Once again, this biped has spotted the intended target before her... incredible.

jungle rectangle no name