We are honored to collaborate with veteran-owned small businesses to bring you our very own own line of merchandise. The products on this page are of our own unique design, ensuring quality control throughout the process. At the bottom of the page you can see the progression of each of these projects. 

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In the space below you can follow our unique projects from start to finish. Some began with just a sketch, others with a conversation. Once we kick off a new project we will enter it into the matrix and add photos or videos as the project progresses. Get an inside peek at the creative development process!

Project 1 - Obelisk Miniature: Status (Complete)

Below are photo showing the evolution of the obelisk miniature.

The concept was to design our own obelisk to mirror the Stone Valley Hobby & Games logo. There wasn't anything like our obelisk out there, so we designed it from the ground up. The script uses Futhark runes and spells out a secret! The idea is to provide several drop-in scenarios to roleplaying games in lieu of random encounter decks.

Project 2 - Grand Dice Box: Status (Complete)

Below are photo showing the evolution of the dice box.

The dice box will serve multiple purposes. There will be a tray to hold dice and figures, pens/pencils and such. The bed of the dice box will be large enough to tuck your gaming books and notebooks into and still easily slide into a standard backpack to carry to the party. Interior surface is sealedto protect the wood surface from the heaviest of dice. There will be two initial designs, one in a single wood and another with contrasting woods.