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10 & 11 Nov Member’s Sale Details

Just like that, the Member's Sale is upon us! We've stocked up on supplies and have secured a few extra hands for the event. We're anticipating a wonderful sale, and hope everyone is able to grab something at these incredible sale prices! Read on to uncover the specifics for this event. 


We will not be advertising this sale anywhere. It is only going to be mentioned in this newsletter. Doesn't get much more exclusive than that!

Make sure you're signed into your Stone Valley Games account to fully enjoy the sale event!

Sale will run from 8:00 AM Central Time on 10 November to 11:59 PM Central Time on 11 November. 

As with all of our sales, I anticipate a fairly heavy customer presence - especially at the beginning. Even though I've set up the servers for such an eventuality, please have patience with us if the system is a bit wonky in the beginning. 

We are applying a 50% discount to everything in the store! The only exclusion is our gift cards. In order to enjoy the savings, you'll need to use the appropriate sales coupon code in the 'coupon code' portion your cart. 

The sales coupon code is: 2023svgms

Which stands for 2023 Stone Valley Games Member Sale. Note that the code expires after 11:59 PM Central Time on the 11th. However, that same coupon code will be good for however many separate orders you place during the sale timeframe. 

Please, please please... if you do order more than one time let us know in the follow-on order notes, especially if they all meet the free shipping threshold. It will help us determine if we can combine your orders to help us save a bit on shipping costs. If we cannot safely combine your orders (due to size, weight, etc.), we will ship them separately. 

In case it's been a while, let me briefly cover those free shipping rules. Orders over $100 will enjoy Free Shipping to contiguous US locations! If you are currently deployed to an AA, AE, or AP location - your order is free no matter how much you spend. Of course, that is a benefit of shopping with us every day, not just during the sale. I thought it important to highlight that little tidbit over this Veteran's Day weekend.

About shipping timelines. We will get the online orders out as they were received. We expect to quickly fall behind in processing orders but keep an eye out for our personalized order validation email. That's the signal that we've packed up your order and it'll be on the next shipment out. That validation email will soon be followed by tracking validation.

For local customers, the storefront will be closed. Once you've ordered, please wait for our validation email before scheduling your pickup. As with our previous sales, we will periodically scan the order list for local orders and process them several times throughout the day. As everything about a local order is faster, and you're probably ready to pick them up right away, it just works better this way. 

Make sure you use your Stones! We are going to be transitioning out of the Stones benefit come the new year. Any Stones not used before 1 January 2024 will simply expire.

And...I think that's about it. We'd like to thank you for subscribing to our newsletter and ordering from us before - hence your "membership". It's only because of you that we were able to make it this far. We hope you can find some great deals on games, books or toys you've had your eye on. Happy Hunting!

The next sales event will be our Black Friday sale from 24 - 25 November. That event will be advertised and open to everyone. 



  1. Sara Knaus on November 13, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    Hey, so did the newsletter with the Members Only code not get sent out for November? I had to use the Oct 20th email to find the link to this post only to find out I had missed the sale.

    Which is fine — I’ll still be ordering some great games (if you have any left) once the webstore is up and running again — just wondering.