And…We’re Off!

It’s been almost exactly six months of preparation. What a ride it has been! Since February we’ve obtained the business license and dove into taxes. We’ve worked with distributors and Kickstarter to build up stock. We settled on a logo and built the website. We started working with local small businesses to develop our own line of products as well. Through it all, the longest pole in the tent was cataloging, photographing and uploading almost 10,000 individual Magic the Gathering cards. All of it was finished just in time to meet our scheduled store opening on August 15th.

Shipping our First Package!

You know what? All of that hard work in preparation felt rewarded as we filled our very first order. We fulfilled the order, prepped the package and had to take a photo of the very first one.

In this seemingly chaotic world just the thought of bringing joy to people, even if only for a brief time, through our games and products is what we’re all about. Thanks to everyone who have helped us and supported us to get to this moment in time!