Back on Track

Somewhere in Oklahoma

I used to travel extensively, like eight to twelve international trips a year as well as many around the United States. That’s been cut back considerably the last few years, but there aren’t too many photo ops I’ll pass up. I think for several of these blogs I’ll just drop a photo from my exploits. The pictures generally will have nothing to do with what I’m writing, but they should be nice to look at – and that’s something.

I was able to fix the Shop today, which was my primary goal. All the remnants of that old, broken plugin seem to have been purged, but it will take further testing to make sure. I’ve also uploaded a great many more products to better flesh out the categories and subcategories. Still quite a bit of tweaking to do there, but it’s all holding together. I went ahead and worked on the front page too, sorting the colors a little bit; I’m kinda liking the turquoise and brown-gold hues. For shop functionality I’m torn if I should just have one shop link that can be selected and then once inside the shop an easy way to find categories or, like it displays right now, the different categories in the header with additional options once in those categories. What I’ll probably do is look at a dozen or so other websites and see which way they go. Generally sites work in similar ways because…they just work. Tomorrow we will go to Bill’s funeral, so I don’t anticipate working as we will spend the majority of the day paying our respects. Sunday may provide an opportunity…looks like the rain will keep me from yard work; might as well keep swinging away at the website.