Comparison Shopping

Two distributors allow me to do some comparison shopping. A third would be even better, but I’m still awaiting that elusive call from my third distributor’s “handler.” I’m not waiting to get started though, two is enough to compare. In the board game market I’ve already decided to focus on one to multiplayer games. Solo gaming is a good option for people in-between weekend sessions or, like in my case, move around a lot or work crazy schedules and cannot get a group going. Video games fill the same void, but there’s something about the tactile feel of the cards, gaming pieces and dice. Well, going the one to many player route narrows the list down slightly, but it’s scouring board gaming sites that has shown me what’s popular, and fun. My other focus area is game session time. I would love to drop three or more hours in a gaming session, but not being able to leave the board set up over night and feeling a bit fatigued from the workday are my inspirations to look for games in the 120ish minute max range. Two hours, or even a bit longer isn’t bad for concentrated fun…like a movie. So, compiling the list of viable games, checking with the distributors for prices and availability, and…as with everything, bouncing against Amazon prices. I know I’m not the only one who will be comparison shopping. Then narrow the list down to fun, solo to multiplayer games in the 120 minute or less range that I can make some profit on. Once all that’s done I’ll have my first order ready to go.