Free Shipping for Deployed Armed Forces!

Eric discusses Free Shipping on any products from Stone Valley Hobby & Games for deployed Armed Forces, their families, and contractors oversees originating from an AA, AE, or AP address. It’s our small way to support those doing the hard thing every day. We will package the products properly and expedite the paperwork process to get them to you ASAP. We’ll do it right – because you are worth it. It highlights our motto, “We take your Leisure Seriously.”

Would you like to check out the Shop? If you’re on a mobile device you can hit the ‘menu’ button way at the top to find the Shop, or scroll all the way down and hit the ‘View Full Site’ option to see everything. We recommend holding the phone in landscape mode (i.e. sideways) to see products properly. If you’re on a pad or computer you already see the full site functionality – just browse away.

If you have any questions let us know, we’d love to help!