Getting too old to be Carded?

Have you ever been involved in the conversation about business cards? There are whole camps for, and against them. The poster child for proper American business card etiquette was the classic Business Card scene in American Psycho. Now, the majority of the movie is off the chain insane, but if you want to see Christian Bale in full-on character acting it’s worth watching. I’m going to forewarn you about the dog scene. Along similar lines, Rising Sun provides the proper technique for Japanese business card transfer. Maybe not one of Sean Connery’s best, but it’s a decent watch. However, there’s a whole generation that says the business card is outdated and a sign of ancient times. They argue that with all the digital phenomenon, who needs to kill a tree anymore? I try not to engage them in the discussion about the damage to the planet cell phone production causes…

Well, I’m in both camps. I will always use business cards because a lot of people still associate business cards with professionalism. I also keep a digital version of the business card that I can easily send the other group who want to keep everything digital. Even if I get a physical business card I will usually snap a photo of it in case I lose the thing. Duality!

Business Cards hot off the press

Well, today we finally got the business cards together. Looking back, one freelancer offered me “only” $700 to work on our business cards. I thanked him…and then did it myself. It’s a business card…not the Eiffel tower. In any case, I think they turned out pretty nice for our first batch with do-it-yourself paper. I’m emblazoned with Business Operations and Wendy has her own set for Customer Relations. Just like that, one more thing ticked off the “gotta get ‘er done before we can open” box.