Kicked by Kickstarter

Not everything can be a win. While we will start with 9 or 10 board game titles, the plan was to refresh with new releases – primarily thru Kickstarter. This is an excellent way for retailers to pick up neat new games before the distributors receive their copies. The only real issue with Kickstarter is games are almost always delayed, so it can be a very long time between payment and game shipment. Then, there’s the chance the game might never come at all…rare, but possible. For some reason, I didn’t make the cut with Ginger Snap Gaming and their latest miniatures game. I wasn’t brick and mortar, so it was a hard pass. Nothing else seemed to matter. I can understand that Wizards of the Coast wants brick and mortar…so people play right there in the store, kind of like self propelled marketing. I don’t like the rule, but I get it. This is different. Oh well, I guess there are some things I’m not meant to understand. There will be more Kickstarters, but if this brick and mortar rule applies to all games I’ll have to adjust.