Let’s get physical

Yesterday ended with the storage all set up, of which I was truly happy. This morning brought the realization of a fairly large mess across three rooms between two floors. Who would have thought repurposing a closet would do such a thing? Before that, the yard. As most of my existence seems to be in an office, I really enjoy yard work. It’s also part of my exercise routine so push mower (it’s power assisted, I’m not completely insane) and gas trimmer. That’s a few hours. Then it was…taking out the old treadmill. Wow, that turned into about 90 minutes, but got it done. Shout out to my daughter’s boyfriend Ronnie who stopped by. Without him I’d probably still be wrestling that thing. Then cleaning out upstairs and downstairs rooms/closets, moving things where they needed to go. Tossing old stuff I’ll never use. After a quick break it was time to “business-fy” the office. This involved removing all the things that weren’t business related, packing them up, and getting them up the stairs into the newly cleaned closets. Mostly books. After a quick dusting, the office was ready for product and, almost as important, ready for an audit. There are some personal things, but the same kinds of things I’d have in my business office anywhere. Took all day, but that was it. Now the house is set up for business, and by shutting two doors it’s invisible to guests. All the physical heavy lifting should be done, what’s left is the mental gymnastics to keep everything on track. No time to rest, it’s time to look at those taxes again.