Love hurts

I didn’t mean to miss my workout this morning, but it’s been a long week and I was just beat. So, I switched plans and went to work early. I Figured I could get out early and hit Lowe’s for shelving and other supplies to keep transforming the house for business. Well, the shelving I wanted was there, but it was 122 pounds a package. Didn’t expect that. I hesitated, that’s heavy. However, nothing else fit the bill, so I carefully hefted them onto the pallet. I always lift with my mind first, trying to be careful, but that stuff was heavy! Got it home, and then had to rearrange closets and disassemble the old shelving that wouldn’t hold up. Dollied the shelves in (use more legs than back up those stairs!) got it all assembled, and positioned. Really happy with the product, hard to believe I can get so excited about shelves…but there it is. Went ahead and set up all the postage boxes as well, decluttering the corner it was all hiding in. Shipping is now ready to go, with plenty of room on the shelves for product. Didn’t think I’d get it all done, but it looks so good! Even picked up the Wendy seal of approval, which is vital. Pictures will go up on Facebook and Instagram soon. Tell you one thing though, I’m definitely feeling it, and it’s yard work first thing in the a.m…no rest for the weary. I do not feel bad at all for missing my morning workout now though.