Massive Miniature

It’s an awesome feeling having something that’s been rattling around in your head actually materialize into a physical thing. If you glance at our Stone Valley Originals page you can follow the evolution of the Obelisk Miniature. Lately we had to make the call between two sizes. Both of them have a one inch base – one hex and the other square. This is what they look like paired with a few regular sized and one gargantuan sized miniature.

We decided to go with the one inch square base. It’s proportionately more interesting and is still small enough to fit in game carrying gear when transporting RPGs. You can see this is completely unfinished, there are still tweaks required before it’s ready to sell – but we’re almost there! In any case, we still have the blueprints for the hex-based obelisk, so if you are looking for a copy just let us know and we’ll work out a deal!