Microphone Check!

Shout-out to Jim and the crew over there at Creative Play and Podcast Network! He hooked us up with some advertising. He was generous enough to drop our 40-second sound bite at the end of their recent podcasts:

Their D&D podcast: https://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/goblins-of-conquest-episode-16-of-side-quests-and-skeletons/

Their general podcast: https://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.podbean.com/e/cokocon-2019-panel-writing-and-gaming-how-rpgs-and-video-games-influence-your-writing/

Just so you know, this is our first stab at vocal advertising. We’d appreciate it if you could listen and let us know how we could do it better or what we did well. One thing I do know…I’ve always had a face for radio 😀 Seriously though, we really appreciate your support!