Obelisk Dice Tower (Project 3) Update 2

We’ve had a bit of back and forth with the manufacturer based on our original design. While we are still tweaking the internal functionality of the Obelisk Dice Tower, we’re really close on the external look. I, for one, am very impressed. We’re working toward a two-piece design that can easily fit in a backpack for transport to game night. The “gem” in the middle will be translucent enough to be able to see the dice fall through, right now it appears to be too dark. Also, there is a lot of real estate at the bottom of the tower that we will need to do something with.

Then there’s the dice collection area. Here’s a closer look. While still in its infancy, we immediately recognized the dice may roll over the edges of the collection area and plan on raising the lip to compensate.

I can tell you our design decisions are being made based on keeping manufacturing costs as manageable as possible. For example, if this costs $60 each to make, there’s no way I could sell it and make a profit. I am confident no one is going to pay over $75 dollars for a dice tower. No matter how cool it is. People may love the concept, love the design, love the finished product…and then won’t pull the trigger. We’re estimating the selling price will need to be much closer to the $30 to $40 range to have a chance. So, we are dancing the fine line between aesthetics, functionality, and manufacturing cost.

You can let me know in the comments if that’s an accurate assumption or not.

We’re working on the internal design of the tower now, and that should be the meat of our next update. Once again, thank you all so much for your interest! We are having a good time putting this project together and really appreciate you riding along!

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