Obelisk Dice Tower (Project 3) Update 4 – Final Draft

Based on the last render and taking into account all of the great suggestions we’ve received so far, I present to you our final draft of the obelisk dice tower.

We’re done with the digital realm! The next step is to build the prototype, develop the mold, and pull this thing into the physical realm. To prepare for that I’ve just purchased the raw materials and they are on the way to our local manufacturer now.

Who is our manufacturer? In a near-future post I will properly introduce you to our master of ceremonies for all things molded / printed. As a quick introduction though, he is Jose Velazquez of Prototyping and Manufacturing Works, Inc. He has the unenviable job of turning my concepts into something practical, affordable, yet beautiful.

Our Obelisk Dice Tower Features include:

  • Unique Design
  • Semi-transparent gem to watch the dice fall through
  • Two-piece design (tower and tray)
  • Real wood dice collection area (with dice holding section around edge)
  • Secret message in Elder Futhark.

Once again we here at Stone Valley Games would like to express our gratitude for your continued interest in our project! We really do appreciate all of the comments and suggestions (and Likes!) and look forward to showing you even more. Game on!