Obelisk Dice Tower (Project 3) Update 5 – Becoming Real

We know the tower will stand just under 12 inches in height, which will look magnificent on the gaming table.

The photos show a transparency color test deciding on how red to make it, and we chose the darker red (the right one in the photo - you can see it's a bit darker than the left). In the initial gem mold build we developed the gem mock-up and then fixed it into the mold. Our computations were correct, as the very first gem came out really nice. Not perfect, but size, stability, and form were right on. Just for fun we inserted the gem into the rough tower section to see how it looked. I think it looks really good already, and we don't even have a proper prototype yet.

Again, these are all initial pieces, very rough, and are not representative of what the final product will look like. The gem will be more transparent and have a better sheen and far fewer surface blemishes. The tower itself, once cast, will look more like stone. You're looking at a simple rough 3D print of the tower...it wasn't even cleaned up for the photo. However, we are hurtling along quite nicely now. Materials are gathering and the manufacturer has a bit more time to work my project in so we could have a representative model very soon. I told him to put those elves to work!