Obelisk Dice Tower (Project 3) Update 6. Prototype Almost Complete

A lot of progress on the obelisk dice tower this week! Click to find out about our major updates and see several product photos.

  • The rough obelisk tower printed prototype has been completed. There is a bit of fine finishing work with the seam line, and the interior paddles have to be built and tested. Also, we are going to tweak the dice entry point. However, the big stuff is complete.
  • The initial dice collection area tray has been completed and assembled to validate size / composition. We are going to slightly modify how the layers are built and look at various stains for the wood. We also have a better engraving plan for the wood so it doesn't come out so dark in the finished product.
  • We have been experimenting with different "gem" compositions and I think we've found our solution. We have the clarity down, and with proper polishing and a finishing clear coat the gem is fantastically transparent while maintaining that sheen. Like an actual gem. The concept here is you'll be able to see the dice fall through the gem on their way down the tower - how neat is that?!
  • Once we clean those areas up we will build the final gem mold, create the molds for the tower itself and start casting. It won't be too long now before we have our very first manufactured representation! At that point I will most likely open up pre-orders, and like all good pre-orders it will come with good savings over the standard production run.

If you are just seeing this now and haven't been following along with our update posts, the short history of this project can be found at this link, just scroll down once you get there to see project update information: https://www.stonevalleygames.com/stone-valley-original/