Over the Edge

While I thought things were moving along quickly before, time is screaming past now. Time management and planning were always strengths of mine, and now I’m finding even more ways to squeeze every minute I can out of the day, finding efficiencies in my already fairly efficient processes. One area of improvement has been categorizing the prices for our MTG cards. When I first started it would take me soooo long to get through a list. Today I was able to characterize almost the entire stock and get it into Excel in less than three hours. Progress! Of course I could play to have it automatically done, but the prices they charge for that is absolutely ridiculous. Then, we reached another landmark. After several days of adding to, removing, and tweaking my initial order, fretting over if the inventory was too little…too much, too…wrong, today I pulled the trigger. Three fairly significant orders, one to each distributor. Just like that, we’re all in; from a neat idea to full commitment. No turning back now. I had to take a minute and think about how far we’ve come in such a relatively short period of time. Then, before it stretched into two minutes I got back to work. Constructed a simple cell phone photo scanner for the MTG cards. I’m going to personalize them all with a unique backdrop showing our website with high resolution photos instead of using stock. This way people can zoom right on in there and see the quality of the cards. For the very expensive cards I’ll take individual photos of each one and list them individually. Yes, moving right along.