Photo Op

After numerous misfires I think I finally have the photo sizes figured out…for right this second. When it came to hammering the business logo into place nothing seemed to work. I tried over and over again to crop and resize, to no avail. After research, and a load of trial and error I have the logo working on Facebook. It turned out to be a multi-layered problem. First I needed to fix the base logo. Problem: base logo has incorrect aspect ratio…so in normal editing the left and right edges were cut off. In the end I figured out I needed to adjust the canvas first, and then the crop tool worked perfectly. Seems so easy now, but my problem wasn’t defined very well thru web searches. Second is Facebook itself. So, once I had the logo aspect ratio sorted, it still didn’t look right on Facebook. Searching for answers here was easier, and once I had the proper size for Facebook I built the logo, uploaded it, and voila! Works. Well, that only took me two days… I’m sure there will be many more photo issues pop up, but I think I have the basic concepts ironed out.