Product placement

With orders submitted and my first shipments most likely heading my way this week, it’s time to turn to products. I was fairly happy with my product setup, but how the products are displayed is a bit lacking. It’s perfectly fine for the board games, but for Magic the Gathering it’s too difficult to wade thru as a customer. There are so many categories and so many individual products, some level of scrolling is required. After a bit of research I found a plugin that fit the bill perfectly, not too expensive, so bought it and got to work on adding product functionality. After about an hour I realized that it did not tie to shipping data. So people could order and purchase, but the system would not be able to estimate packing…which means the shipping plugin won’t work. Ouch! It’s probably another plugin I’ll have to purchase to work with this one. No wonder it was so reasonably priced. That’s enough, I’m calling it a night. There’s probably a way to add shipping data to the base WooCommerce product, but that would eliminated any time I would have saved with the new plugin. Man, there goes my streak of avoiding the plugin gouge. Maybe I’ll find the solution tomorrow.