Sale Time and a few Notes

If you haven’t checked out the site in awhile you might want to take a look now. Prices have been slashed across the store, you’ll find extremely competitive prices everywhere you look. It’s perpetual SALE TIME!

Shout out to Doug who let me know that the website appeared to be down last night on his computer. I asked him to clear his cache and try again. So if you’re having an issue that might fix it. As always, hit me up if you see an issue – I really do appreciate it!!!

I also corrected an issue with cell phone visits. While swooping in from the URL vs. from the Facebook ‘shop’ link the menu was not working (it has always worked well from the Facebook site). It’s all good now, full functionality returned. Also, while in mobile mode, if you scroll to the very bottom of the site you’ll see the option to view the full site. I noticed that in this state some of the product pages seem to have crushed the items together, but a simple refresh snaps everything back into place. I’ll have to tackle that soon, but it’s working okay for now. Might be better just to leave it in mobile mode until I work that out.

In any case, the weather is still blazing hot here…just like our deals! (No, I couldn’t help myself…) Swing on in and check us out, and as always let me know if you have any questions or issues.