Solo Spotlight: Arkham Horror the Card Game

Ever want to fight back against the things that go bump in the night? How about doing it alone? This week we pull the mask off of Arkham Horror the Card Game, hugely popular and highly rated (Top 20 overall, maintaining an 8+ on BGG with over 4,000 comments). Sure, but how is it solo? Our friends over at Solosaurus podcast are peering into the darkness as well - and this week they also have a special announcement! You should check out Episode 66 to see what all the fuss is about.  

While we don't know if this received the coveted Solosaurus Stomp of Approval, but we have a few thoughts of our own. Bottom line, it's a fast paced deck construction card game that seemingly has it's roots in roleplaying games. Extremely replayable and highly customizable with the numerous available card packs and expansions, there's plenty of fun to be had in this Lovecraft universe. The story telling is superb and suspense is high throughout the game, you rarely know exactly how things will turn out. The production is excellent, art is spot on, theme is one of the finest around, and the customization is top notch. It's not a perfect game though, and luck is a factor (tokens replacing dice) which can swing games out of reach if the draws remain consistently bad. While we consider it a strength, some find the move / investigate / combat flow to be too simplistic. Really though, this is the kind of game that everyone should at least try. There are plenty of player aids and helpful files to quickly bring you up to speed. We have to warn you's highly likely to sink its hooks in you...

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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

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1 – 2 Players, 60 – 120 Minutes playing time, Ages 14 and up. Investigate the horrors of Arkham while courting cosmic doom. Arkham Horror: The Card Game scores in the 8’s on Board Game Geek, but is both the Number 1 rated customizable game and in the Top 10 Thematic games. If a player is into deck construction games, this is one of the best ones around – add the theme and gameplay, and this becomes a sure buy. As a Living Card Game (LCG) there are numerous expansions available to add to this base game, each adding new cards, themes, game mechanics, and more. For solo board gamers, this is another fantastic edition to add to the table and gameplay is even better as it adds some campaign-style play to the LCG scene. Upgrade and Customize your deck it make it your own! Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games. Categories: Adventure, Card Game, Collectible Components, Fantasy, Horror, and Novel-based. Game Mechanics: Action Points, Cooperative Game, Deck Construction, Hand Management, Role Playing, Solo / Solitaire Game, and Variable Player Powers.

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Something evil stirs in Arkham, and only you can stop it. Blurring the traditional lines between role-playing and card game experiences, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a Living Card Game of Lovecraftian mystery, monsters, and madness! In the game, you and your friend (or up to three friends with two Core Sets) become characters within the quiet New England town of Arkham. You have your talents, sure, but you also have your flaws. Perhaps you’ve dabbled a little too much in the writings of the Necronomicon, and its words continue to haunt you. Perhaps you feel compelled to cover up any signs of otherworldly evils, hampering your own investigations in order to protect the quiet confidence of the greater population. Perhaps you’ll be scarred by your encounters with a ghoulish cult. No matter what compels you, no matter what haunts you, you’ll find both your strengths and weaknesses reflected in your custom deck of cards, and these cards will be your resources as you work with your friends to unravel the world’s most terrifying mysteries. Each of your adventures in Arkham Horror LCG carries you deeper into mystery. You’ll find cultists and foul rituals. You’ll find haunted houses and strange creatures. And you may find signs of the Ancient Ones straining against the barriers to our world… The basic mode of play in Arkham LCG is not the adventure, but the campaign. You might be scarred by your adventures, your sanity may be strained, and you may alter Arkham’s landscape, burning buildings to the ground. All your choices and actions have consequences that reach far beyond the immediate resolution of the scenario at hand — and your actions may earn you valuable experience with which you can better prepare yourself for the adventures that still lie before you.

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