Solo Spotlight: By Stealth and Sea

This week we focus on By Stealth and Sea, the latest solo friendly wargame from the mind of David Thompson (of Castle Itter fame) and produced by Dan Verssen Games. Our friends Martin and Michael at #Solosaurus podcast have just released Episode 72 where they discuss the game. In By Stealth and Sea, you are responsible for the Italian human torpedo operators and their attacks against the Royal Navy during World War II. Scoring almost a 9 on Board Game Geek, this game is hot out of the gate. 

While we haven't heard the Solosaurus podcast yet, we have our own hot take. For those who have been playing wargames for a long time, the components are amazing. For folks who also play Chip Theory or EGG games, the components are good. It's all relative, right? Gameplay is fast and tense (feel the tension of the Brits looking and mix in trying to keep your aging and substandard equipment working) and just like in actual history the Italians struggle to be successful. The rules are good, and generally clear - no issues here. The story mode is simply fantastic. One thing about David Thompson, he does not skimp on historical accuracy. How he can continually turn dusty history into frantic fun is beyond me, but it's awesome! A few detractors are the chaotic nature (i.e. dice rolls) that can make or break a mission...but considering how quick the missions are it kind of evens itself out. Also, if using the exact historical setup it takes awhile finding exactly the correct tokens to use. However, nothing comes close to experiencing the misadventures of these brave Italians against insurmountable odds and we endorse this game. 

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