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Stone Valley Games’ Closeout Sale

Our Closeout Sale runs from 9 AM Central Time Saturday 16 December to 11:59 PM Central Time Sunday 17 December. Everything in the webstore will be 60% off MSRP using our Discount Code in the cart!


Everything in the webstore will be 60% off throughout the event! The sale will run from 9:00 AM Central Time 16 December thru 11:59 PM Central Time 17 December. The discount code is:


The code will be active throughout the sales event. The code will also be prominently displayed on the website in case you miss the newsletter. Once the sale is live, just enter the code in the appropriate area in the cart and the system will modify the MSRP pricing, at which time you'll see the savings!  

Help us spread the word! There are tons of Board Games, Roleplaying Game books, minis, and gaming supplies that have never been priced that low here. If you could help us by sharing this sale with your family & friends, not to mention gaming groups, sites or establishments - we'd appreciate it! Sharing our post on Facebook is helpful too. We'd rather see these items go to gamers who want them vice donating to the local public library system, and spreading the word will do just that. Thanks in advance! 

For local customers, the storefront will be closed. Once you've ordered, please wait for our validation email before scheduling your pickup. Also know that we have already posted special pickup dates & times on the website regarding our Closeout Sale. 

Free shipping. We will support free Contiguous US shipping on orders of $100 and greater (as the order sits after all coupons), and as always will provide free shipping to our overseas military and diplomats in AA, AE, or AP addresses regardless of order size.

As for shipping timelines, our regular customers know we move these orders as quickly and efficiently as we can. So please have patience as we anticipate fairly heavy volume. Know that we will send you a personalized email once your items are packed up which will be followed by tracking information. 

Holiday Shipping? Understand our Closeout Sale shipping timelines are in no way aligned with Christmas or any other seasonal holiday timeline. It's just fate that the timing of this sale fell when it did, and we don't want to get anyone's hopes up that things can make it by a certain holiday. 

No combining orders to save on shipping. Due to the anticipated sales volume, we will not be able to 'add to' or combine orders if you make a follow-on order after your first to save on shipping.

Don't forget about your Stones! We have discontinued our Stones program and will eliminate all system Stones completely come 1 January 2024. However, customers that still have Stones are grandfathered until then - so make sure to use them! 

Finally...we hope you find something you've been looking for at an amazing price! 


After our Closeout Sale we plan on donating remaining webstore products to the Madison County library system. Around the 29th of December, we will release a newsletter describing how our closeout went, and details on our operational footprint going forward.

In that newsletter we will explain the numerous changes to the webstore and our business practices. Some highlights though: Starting 1 January 2024 we will primarily sell collectible card games (MTG, Pokémon, etc.) and associated items through TCGPlayer. We will also sell the occasional Crowdfunded game through our webstore as those continue to trickle in. 

Going forward, we plan on providing periodic newsletters with the newly available crowdfunded games and quick updates on how we're doing along with any operational changes.

Now that the end of our current reality is upon us, I'd like to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of you who shopped with us over the years. Countless conversations and smiles were exchanged, which we will always cherish. Though we will be significantly diminished, we'll still be here for a time. I recall Confucius saying It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

We look forward to updating you on everything in a few weeks!


  1. Kyle on December 15, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    I just got caught up on what’s happening and sorry to see you close. But I wish nothing but the best for you. You all nailed quality and friendly service. I really appreciated all the personal touches and tried to steer others your way. You really put the “Friendly” in FGS. Thanks for all the times you happened to have some Kickstarter items I had missed.

    • Stone Valley on December 15, 2023 at 1:24 pm

      Thanks Kyle, we appreciate it! We will be shutting most things down, but we’ll actually still be selling those crowdfunded items listed on our webstore whenever they show up. We’re only…mostly dead, we’re still on Miracle Max’s life support for a time 😀

  2. Troy on December 15, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    Thank for the great service you have provided! Your store will be missed.

  3. Anonymous on December 16, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    Super impressed with this store and so sad to see you all are closing. Best of luck with what’s next!